3 Ingenious iPhone Apps For Airport Parking

We all know that airport parking can be costly.

After all, parking is often one of an airport ownerâ??s major sources of profits.

However, for iPhone owners, there is a way to reduce the cost of taking your car to the airport and leaving it there while you go on holidays. Check out these three ingenious iPhone apps for airport parking to make your next holiday stress-free.


Car park operators often do not reveal their prices until you are so far into the car park that it would be easier to just pay the charges instead of turning back to find somewhere cheaper. Therefore, without planning ahead, travellers can often get hit with astronomical costs for airport parking as a result of not shopping around.

The BestParking app takes the effort out of comparing airport parking fees. The app uses the iPhoneâ??s inbuilt GPS functionality to search for cheap parking garages near you, complete with car park operator phone numbers and opening hours. Best of all, the app also features special discounts that can be scored when booking in advance. Unlike many other car parking apps, BestParking was made with airport car parks in mind â?? it allows users to book for days or weeks on end, whereas traditional parking apps usually only allow for hourly bookings.


AirportParking.com is another iPhone app that allows its users to compare and book airport car parking from within its app environment, but with a few twists. Firstly, the Airport Parking app guarantees a parking spot upon booking. This means no last-minute dashes across car parks just before your flight is scheduled to depart! Secondly, the app allows its users to pay a deposit and receive an electronic coupon using its interface. The coupon comes in the form of a barcode that is stored in the app that can be presented upon arrival at the car park as proof of booking.

Finally, the Airport Parking app allows its users to call both the car park operator and an airport parking shuttle from within the app, which means no more remembering phone numbers! The appâ??s prices are also often a lot less than what you would pay over the counter at a car park, saving you money before you head out on your holiday.

Take Me To My Car

We all know that airport car parks can stretch for miles and can be a pain to find your car in, especially after having left it in the same spot for days or weeks. Take Me To My Car alleviates this problem by remembering where you left your car, and directing you to it using its inbuilt mapping function. The app is free and for most users its functionality would be sufficient, but for those looking to store multiple car parking locations, take notes and track parking time, there is a paid app available.

Airport parking is an unnecessary hassle that no traveller should have to worry about while also juggling flights, baggage and accommodation. However, these iPhone apps come to the rescue to make holidays a lot less stressful!

Richard Collins is an avid tech-blogger who often shares his experiences with the latest electronic gadgets launched in the market. He runs a consultancy that renders Secure airport parking services in Melbourne.

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