3 Great iPhone Apps for Medical Students

The iPhone is a great reference guide for medical students. There are now so many apps that come with it and many of them help students when completing school work or looking up information to do with medicine.

Even medical professionals now will use iPhone apps as a reference guide to help diagnose patients, as well as make sure they get the proper medication. Below are three of the wonderful apps that the iPhone offers which will help medical students make sure they have accurate findings as well as make everything much easier and faster than searching for a medical book.


Medscape is one of the top medical student, and professional as well, app that the iPhone offers. This app is based off of the website emedicine, yet much faster because everything is provided in one app that runs amazingly fast. The other great thing about this app is it is in the comfort of the students pocket and if they need to find kind of diagnostic they can pull out their phone and look at an app with over 4000 plus diagnostics all in one app. Another great thing about the Medscape app is that it is Free! It also offers medical updates and many other medical use features that can benefit students and lead them to a great career.


This is also a wonderful app for medical students. One of the big things that it offers is a pill identifier. This app is mainly used to identify drugs or to figure out what drugs to provide to patients. Fifty percent of physicians use this exact same app and it is very helpful to them. By medical students using this app, it can help them get used to what they will be doing once they are in the real word trying to complete work, as well as teach them more and help make schooling easier. Overall, Epocrates is one of the top medical apps out and very useful to make fast decisions in the comfort of your own home or even right in the hospital when needed.


The Doxmity app is a wonderful app to let physicians communicate with other physicians. By medical students using this app, it will help students learn more about the medical world and get more information about medicine and how the career will be. This is a great place to meet other professionals and connect with others. By connecting students are able to learn more and it can even help them decide if students are sure they would like to pursue a career in medicine. If a student is struggling, they can easily go to their app and talk to others who may be having the exact same problem, or may have had the exact same problem before, and eventually figure out exactly what they need to know instead of stressing out. Though some may think the medical field is easy, it is far from that, and this app can help others cope with the struggles and meet others while they are all on the way to success!

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Chris Harper is a nurse practitioner and guest author at Top Masters in Healthcare, where he contributed to the roundup of the Top 10 iPhone Apps for Healthcare Professionals.

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  1. 1. App Name: iDry
    2. Developer Name: Jeff Pepper – Three Ten LLC – http://www.idry.org
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    9. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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