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2048+ is a very popular game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It was developed by dbw and is 100% free to play.


In this game you swipe left, right, up, or down in order to move tiles around a 4×4 board. When two tiles of the same number touch, they get added together. The board starts off with two number-two tiles for example. If you slide to the left, then the tiles will be pushed into the same left row regardless of where they were on the board.

Each slide adds a new number two tile to the board. So once the two number two tiles are slid into each other, they become a number four tile and then another number gets added to the board.

After number four tiles slide into each other, they become number eight tiles and so forth. When all the tiles on the board are filled up and there’s no other sliding move to be made, then the game is completed and you’re told the total that your tiles added to.

The point of the game is to be able to create a tile that is 2048, but once you beat the game you can go beyond this number.


If you haven’t yet heard about 2048 or haven’t had a chance to give it a try, then you should definitely download it. This game will be loved by just about anyone that enjoys playing puzzle games but many people of any age or gaming preference will be able to enjoy it as well.

Although I’ve personally seen many friends play this game to a combined total of hundreds of hours, I can’t personally say I enjoy it. I get the idea behind it, the challenge, and how it’s rewarding, but I have never been able to play it for more than 30 seconds without deleting it from my phone. *Disclaimer* I never enjoyed games like Flappy Bird either.

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