This is a review of my own app ‘PowerPenguins’, so I asked ‘Crazy Mike’ to do an independent review for me, as it seemed a bit odd doing a review for my own app.

There is also a ‘PowerPenguins Lite’ version for free with 6 taster levels. This is not just a ‘knock the structure down’ game, although there are fun ‘knock down’ levels included. There are also many interactive objects in the game, such as magnets, lasers, guns, TNT, balloons, moving tyres, falling trees and switches. The crazy storyline to the game is that aliens have chosen to invade the world and start by invading Antarctica with a plan for harvesting penguins to use as penguin burgers. However, they fail to realise that there is an elite penguin special forces unit in place in Antarctica – the ‘PowerPenguins’. In this game you join the PowerPenguins in their fight against the invaders.

Following them from country to country as the aliens flee in fear from these cute but fearless warriors. There are many beautiful backgrounds used in the game. On average, a background is used only twice in the game, 3 times at the most. The game has beautiful particle effects such as snow, rain, bubbles, falling leaves and lightning. There are hilarious cut scenes – about 2 cut scenes per country (each country has 10 levels). In this game you don’t have to wait for the last physics object to stop moving like in some other ‘knock the structure down’ type games, as soon as you eliminate the last alien you can move on to the next level. This game is not easy! I have deliberately made this game more of a challenge than other similar games. Are you up for the PowerPenguins challenge?

Andre’s Review Of PowerPenguins . . .

Launching penguins and going into unknown territory has never been more fun than with PowerPenguins. PowerPenguins is my new favorite game and will defiantly maintain the crown for a long time.
The gameâ??s concept is very original and pushes the user to keep trying, even through the most difficult levels. The main objective is for the user to sling the penguins available to destroy the aliens on the map. Its two dimensional view makes it very easy to follow up on what is happening. What makes PowerPenguins unique from the other games is the level of control and planning throughout the game. People usually compare this game to Angry Birds, but PowerPenguins has a totally different feel, theme, and gameplay style overall.

During gameplay, the user has to account for objects throughout the map. The user also might get to a point where trial and error is necessary to find out how to win a level. The beauty of this game is that the levels get extremely challenging but are not imposable to pass. Be warned, PowerPenguins is extremely addictive and you might find yourself playing it all day. Also note that with experience your gameplay style will start to change and will fit the game better. For newcomers, it might be a habit to use full power. With time, you will slowly start to realize that using less power might be more convenient and flexible.

The game features six level groups which are all showcased as countries. For each group of levels or country there are ten levels. Thus, there are 60 levels throughout the app. You wonâ??t be getting bored for a very long time.

To conclude, I would like to say that this is the best application I have ever played. The mixture of creative ideas and simplicity is amazing.I recommend this game because there is nothing like it!



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