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This game has been chosen for the featured section as it provides hours of game play and is re-playable. Excellent value for money.

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The game is relaxing and not stressful, so it's great for just chilling out and slowly building the virtual island bit by bit.
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By Kevin Baker
This indie app is similar to Angry Birds, but different in many ways and worth downloading.

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By Apple Inc.
Even if you don't use this app for anything practical, it's so much fun just messing around with this app.

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By OOO Gameprom
Although this game is not different from normal Pinball, it's worth every penny.

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This game is your classic Jewel breaking game, nothing about it really stands out.

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The app explores underestimated pool skills including cueing techniques, eye movement, stance, grip and many other areas.

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This game is the best iOS Risk game out there, it's worth every single penny too.