Pool Tips 1

This review is for ‘Pool Tips 1’ on the iPhone. Pool Tips 1 is also available on the iPad. This is my own app aimed at teaching players at beginner level the fundamentals of pool/billiards.

The app explores the approach to the table which is often underestimated, cueing techniques, eye movement, stance and grip and many other areas of billiard playing. The app does not fixate on any one technique, but presents different techniques and viewpoints to enable the player to experiment with these varied techniques to incorporate into their arsenal of skills and develop their own unique playing style.

The lessons are split into modules and the voiceover has been scripted so that every sentence is helpful in some way. This is the first in a series of three Pool Tips episodes. Pool Tips 2 is now available and Pool Tips 3 is now in production and will be available soon.

Contents :

  • Approach
  • Grip
  • Bridge
  • Stance
  • Stroke
  • Aiming
  • Eye Movement
  • Breaking
  • Mechanical Bridge
  • Stroke Drill
  • Control Drill
  • Sequence Drill
  • Pool Tips 2 Review

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