Your Business Needs These IOS-Tastic Apps, And It Needs Them Now!


Do you sometimes wish that you had some extra staff on board just to make your working life a little easier?

Most of us are in a similar boat, but the added expense of those salaries kind of shoots that idea down to earth. Nowadays we are supposed to multitask almost every minute of the working day, but it gets in the way of us doing our proper job. Thankfully there are some very clever apps available that can help us to do exactly that, and then some! Please take a few minutes to check out this article and see if any of these iOS apps catches your attention.

Roambi: Business Intelligence on the move â?? Free

We get the show on the road with this unique business intelligence app, aimed for those CEOâ??s who spend most of their time out of the office. Whether they are on a golf course or in their private jet, this app will surely hit the spot nicely. It can be frightfully boring reading business reports that look more like a science fiction script, now there is an alternative. The Roambi presents every bit of data you could ever ask for and presents it beautifully. It will connect to all of the popular graph style applications and allows you to change the display as you wish. We love Roambi and believe it will have a similar effect on many of you as well!

Scanner Pro: Portable Scanner â??$7

If you try to run your business with the environment in mind, well this app is going to be right up your street. Paper is still being used far too much in daily business activities and this clever little appliance is going to change all of that. Instead of increasing your carbon footprint the next time you are tempted to copy some information onto a scrap of paper, simply scan it into your iPhone. You can file it in the easy to use database and simply retrieve it when required. No more lost details and no more trees need ever suffer again, thanks to the Scanner Pro! Those bulky portable scanners will probably have to be retired now, as there is a new kid in town!

Dragon Dictation: Speech Recognition â?? Free

So many of us have been waiting for something like this, and now it is here! It can be such a pain having to scribble down notes from a meeting, and deciphering them later on is even harder! Well now you can simply utter your thoughts into your iPhone and the very words will be transformed into text! It will save a lot of effort and CEOâ??s everywhere will probably be clamouring for this absolutely free iOS app. You can use this whilst driving around and it has a huge database of words so you will be able to use some nice descriptive prose as well. You may well have to give your expensive secretary their marching orders once you become friends with Dragon Dictation!

Are You Convinced Yet?

 Letâ??s face it, any of these apps is going to be a big advantage to the way you conduct business in the future. Hopefully you will soon be enjoying that extra 20 minutes a day respite that these iOS apps will afford you!

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