What Would Happen If I Put My Head In a Running Microwave?

The microwave oven was created by a radar specialist who realized that whenever he was standing facing a radar aerial, the chocolate bars inside his pocket dissolved.

Microwave ovens operate simply by transferring the radiation throughout the foods and also stimulating the elements to begin chaffing (dialectric heating). This technique is most effective for fluid, because it is an electrical dipole; ideal for a reaction to microwave rays as well as dialectric heating system.
That is the reason why extremely wet foodstuff prepared considerably faster inside a microwave oven compared to iced or dried out foodstuffs. Well, given that the method is extremely powerful for fluids; live flesh which is full of humidity will be specifically vunerable to very quick permutations of dialectric heating system known as water superheating:
Fluids, whenever heated up inside a microwave oven within a pot having a sleek surface, can easily superheat; that is certainly, get to temperature ranges which are only a few Celsius degrees higher than their particular regular boiling level while not truly boiling. The boiling procedure may commence explosively if the fluid is disrupted, for example if the operator holds the pot in order to remove it from the oven, which could lead to serious burns.
At this point consider the proportion of your body consisted of water: “Each person have distinct proportions of his / her physique composed of water. Infants have by far the most, being delivered at approximately seventy eightpercent. At 12 months of age, that quantity falls to roughly sixty five percent. Older males, approximately 62% of their physiques are waterâ?. Therefore our own bodies are massively water naturally.

That should indicate an outstanding superheating in an extremely short period of time. Perhaps you have set a fish or an bug such as a fly inside the microwave? In that case, you realize that it requires just a couple of seconds for these to actually burst via the water superheating and water expansion within their own body. Of course, a bigger human body (or head!) will require extended period to get water expansion to the stage of explosion, however the consequences from the superheating could be fatal within an extremely small amount of time, I should imagine.

So, tell me, what would happen if I put my head in a running microwave?

Actually, the brain by itself is made up of mainly water: Skeletal muscle is about seventy five percent water and the entire brain is seventy seven to seventy eight percent. because the entire body is mostly water, it might take more time for the “inner” areas like brain to become superheated, because skin, external muscle mass and bloodstream “soak up” the heat very fast, however I do not believe it could require much time whatsoever for the brain cells to heat up to deadly amounts, provided that it is mainly water condition.

You would not experience anything at all when you put your head in a running microwave, however it could possibly get your own brain cells cook! However it is virtually impossible to have a microwave to switch on while the gate is wide open.

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  1. The title actually caught my attention and I find it funny. It got me thinking and I was intrigued. Well, glad to know some information how the microwave works. Has anybody really tried to put their heads on the microwave? What a silly thing to do! 🙂

    • When microwaves first came out I was at school. One of the student’s mums in the class had the idea of drying off the cat in the microwave. The poor cat died of course and the student, whose nickname was ‘Nobby’ as I remember was very upset. I remember everyone freaked out at the thought that microwaves might give you cancer. Or that there was some kind of government cover up of an unknown and dangerous tech, released to the public in the form of kitchen appliances. It’s not surprising that people were initially freaked out by microwaves as they seemed like some kind of future technology at that time, popping up at a time when computers in movies could think for themselves, such as in ‘The Thing’.

      • Please tell me you are joking about that cat. That must be the most stupidest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. I understand that this was a new technology and all…. but seriously. Putting a cat in the microwave makes as much sense as putting it in an oven.

        I think Mythbusters made a microwave gun or something one time. I think it is only harmful if you direct the waves at someone. The microwaves bounce around in a microwave, so I think as long as you are a few feet away from the magnetron producing the waves I think you should be good. Putting you head close to a magnetron even with out being in an enclosed space is something I don’t recommend.


        • Great link! And yes, sadly the cat in the microwave incident is true. It was the talk of the school for a week. Nobby was not too bright and used to hang out with the school bullies who I got into a fight with more than once lol So the intelligence level of the rest of the family was probably reflected there, it has to be said.
          Yes, putting your head close to a magnetron might fry our brain cells, to a point where we might think about putting pet cats in sandwich makers to dry off . . . 😉

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