What Would Happen If America And Europe Went To War?

**This article is just for entertainment purposes. No one can actually look into the future, and I’m not a war general who could guesstimate something of this proportion 🙂

Imagine if we had another World War. It has been a decade since the first one and it would be interesting to see how much the battlefield has changed. Politically Europe and America are sound, but if something came up economically I could see World War III ensuing. (Of course they are allies, but this idea is just for fun)

We can assume that Japan and China may join in, which would limit travel for European forces across the pacific. Letâ??s just assume that China and Russia are preoccupied with fighting each other while the rest of Europe fights America under a no nuclear weapons agreement. That way it is bound to get interesting.

The war would require intense resources and strategic planning. It would take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of years. Who knows? It may look a little like this:

Part 1

Europeâ??s navy would make it hard for Americans to infiltrate via submarines and ships. America would first conquer Iceland and Portugal to use as temporary bases, while European forces may very well land in Cuba or Florida. Both would be using naval mines as well.

Naval Mines

Meanwhile both America and Europe would be using advanced jets to take down radars and other important bases. America would target the UK, Germany, and France as the top targets, while Europe may look for conquering cities such as New York, Manhattan, DC, etc.

Part 2

World War III would be the most ultimate war seeing that Europe and America would both have to play offense and defense at the same time. During WWII, Canada and America were able to help the Allied Forces, but imagine if they had to defend themselves at the same time.

Soon both Europe and America are met with war at their door steps. New advanced tank technology such as force fields would be used to make these weapons fiercer and stealthier.

Unmanned drones would constantly be sent to spy on the other side while each country will be actively taking down enemy drones as well. It would be a bit of cat and mouse to see who can take down the most anti-air defenses, while sending out unmanned drones at the same time. Drones would also be armed with weapons. Soldiers may possibly make use of other unmanned rovers and robots at their disposal.

Part 3

Full-fledged war would be happening at every level possible, sub-naval, sea, land, air, hacking, propaganda, and space. You can certainly expect each side will be trying to take out each otherâ??s satellites, the eyes in the sky.

The countries or states that are not being attacked would be manufacturing more supplies. For example western states in America would convert all their factories to manufacture tanks, drones, etc. Eastern European states would also be doing the same.

The winner will be determined by whoever has the most resources as opposed to tactics. During WWI and WWII you had to take into account the lives that would be lost at war. These were real people fighting for their country and trying to stay alive. Nowadays you can control anything imaginable without having a real man sitting inside. That changes the entire playing field.

The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird was developed in the 1960â??s and holds the record for the fastest manned aircraft since 1976. Its purpose was to overfly the Soviet Union and the entire project was a secret, up until recently. The technology was half a decade beyond its time, so you can expect that there are also technologies out there that we donâ??t know about yet.

Unmanned Robots

Will these little fellas replace soldiers on the battlefield?

It is very feasible that Europe and America have already designed unmanned fleets; jets, tanks, ships, and robots that can all be controlled from halfway across the world. If this were the case then you can certainly imagine that the warzone would be completely different.

Part 4

It is likely that a war like this would eventually end in a tie. Either way the war itself would have caused a technological and economic boom that would positively influence both sides for decades. If the war would not end in a tie then either America or Europe would take control of each other; which would be a step closer to a world government.

Part 5

A war between Europe and America would only fuel other wars around the world. Russia and China may try to conquer Canada, South America, and Africa once they realize America and Europe have become one power. From then on you could imagine more wars ensuing until a world government is achieved or all countries are so depleted they can not start wars anymore. Hopefully no country gets desperate or stupid enough to use nuclear weapons.

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  1. Although the Prototype Quadrotor is not real http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNPJMk2fgJU I think we can assume that it is. Something like that is not that hard to design………

    As with unmanned robots http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/0a/SWORDS.jpg I think they aren’t being used to their full potential so that prospective manufacturers are turned off by the idea. Movies like Terminator give people ideas, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Oh wait there is. Create robots, deploy them in Iraq, don’t use them, call them useless. Yuppers 🙂 That ought to get everyone to not stockpile on these things.

    Also imagine if America or Europe hack each other’s unmanned drones, in bases in their own countries!!!!

    Last but not least, imagine if Russia and China become allies to fight against America and Europe! That would be crazy. :Crazy2:

  2. Fun article! Europe and America are obviously allies but it was fun to imagine if this changed and the two powers had a non-nuclear war.

    I think that if America withdrew MacDonalds outlets in Great Britain, most people’s staple diet would be wiped out and people would be forced to learn to cook again. They would have to rely on Burger King coming to the rescue . . . :Wink:

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