What Would Happen After A Nuclear War?

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The idea of a nuclear war is becoming more and more likely because of international tension and the increase of nuclear weapon production in hostile countries.

This means that it may in the near future become a reality that survivors, if there are any, will be living in completely different war torn world.

This has lead experts to speculate as to what the earth might be like after a nuclear war as it would have devastating effects on it. There are hundreds of variables that decide what will happen after a Nuclear war including how many bombs were dropped and where they were dropped. All of these will impact how severe and who is affected by the Nuclear war.

Most people believe a nuclear winter would follow the breakout of Nuclear War caused by nuclear fallout which is â??shotâ?? into the stratosphere and blocks out the sun. This will cause temperatures to drop fast to the point where people believe it could reach minus 20-30 degrees.

This drop in temperature is caused by the blocking of the sun but the loss of heat isnâ??t the only problem that occurs when the sun is blocked. It will also cause plants that need the sun for photosynthesis to die out. Plants are the producers and if they die out it ruins the whole food cycle and all the predators etc. will die out. This means that the loss of sun for even a few weeks could have horrific consequences on life as we know it.

Letâ??s assume somehow you survive this, well now it is time for the dust and fallout created by the nuclear explosions to exit the stratosphere and re-enter the atmosphere causing severe damage as it rains down on survivors and the land. This is not ordinary dust and contains radioactive materials that are sure to cause problems down the line. They will affect the land as well so any food eaten will contain trace amounts of radioactive materials which will cause serious health problems for people.

The only hope humanity has to survive a nuclear war is to stop it happening altogether which may be a bleak out view but these weapons are becoming more common, even in third world countries like India and North Korea.

A lot of people believe that a Nuclear War is imminent and therefore should be prepared for. This has led to experts and enthusiasts alike to predict what will happen after a nuclear war. Most people believe that it will lead to a nuclear winter that will be devastating to life on earth but there are too many variables to get a completely accurate prediction. This is why these are all hypotheses and cannot be completely trusted although they are the most likely based on research and facts.

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  1. Just imagining it makes me scared. Such devastating results after a nuclear war is something that those countries that develop nuclear weapons should take into serious considerations. It’s not worthy to risk lives of innocent people and win a war.

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