What Is Blackberry Bridge?

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When BlackBerry Bridge released the foremost edition of PlayBook, it paved the way to easily connect BlackBerry Smartphones with PlayBook as well as manage apps and functionalities from a BlackBerry phone.

The released PlayBook 2.0 offers a new improved BlackBerry Bridge that allows for improved performance and more functionality. PlayBook has really changed the manner in which you use your Smartphone.

In the most recent release of PlayBook 2.0 software, the application BlackBerry Bridge can still connect with the BlackBerry PlayBook and Smartphone, allowing you to access and communicate with the core applications on BlackBerry Smartphones. Of course this implies that if you happened to get BBM on your BlackBerry, you can open it up and read it straight from the PlayBack 2.0.

One of the great added features of BlackBerry Bridge is the Open on PlayBook option, which allows you to view and open web pages, email messages, photos and many others on your BlackBerry PlayBook. This feature is very useful when you receive an email with links to YouTube. You simply have to choose the Open on PlayBook option from your BlackBerry phone and the PlayBook opens the browser and navigates to the video. The other possibilities that come with this feature include files, photos, email attachments and many others. On the device properties screen in the app on your Blackberry Smartphone, choose the BlackBerry Bridge applications and accounts you want to display or hide on your tablet.

Another huge enhancement to the application of this functionality is addition of the Remote Control. This enables you to turn your BlackBerry phone literally into a remote control for the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0. In this case, your Smartphone mimics the bezel gestures which will register on the BlackBerry Playbook and can extend also to the use of keyboard.

The remote control functionality of the BlackBerry Bridge enables you to use your BlackBerry phone as a muse that is great for making PowerPoint presentations. It can also be used as a wireless keyboard while the PlayBook 2.0 is hooked up to a big screen television or projector using its HDMI port. There are endless possibilities and BlackBerry Smartphone users will surely be able to see these to get better as there is more functionality to be enhanced in the future.

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The other options that are available to users with the BlackBerry Bridge functionality is the capability to change the font size of messages, to copy and paste and connect to the internet on the PlayBook through this Smartphone. There are also different bug fixes and user interface improvements made for the newly released BlackBerry Bridge.

BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 is an excellent and unique application of the BlackBerry PlayBook that comes with incredible functionality. It can definitely change the way you are using your BlackBerry Smartphone and PlayBook. If you want, you can also lock the BlackBerry Bridge to prevent any unauthorized access into your Smartphone data. To unlock BlackBerry Bridge, you have to use your Smartphone password.

Author Bio: Adam Fridman is the founder of Idea2result. He also writes for his company blog on B2B appointment setting services.

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