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Wacko Birds is indeed a wacky game. To succeed in this game you have to help an insane bird navigate through crazy levels by using your finger to create paddles, slopes and barriers. The barriers you create are erased as soon as you start to draw another barrier, so the game speed works out nicely. There is no erasing or undoing involved.

Throughout the levels you have to make sure that the bird collects all the golden eggs and doesn’t get hurt. Yes, there are plenty of obstacles and drones that you have to watch out for, so don’t be surprised when you start playing Wacky Birds!

Mission Accomplished

The creative idea behind this game is really great. I’ve followed the developer, Steve Synder, on Twitter so that I’m alerted when his next game comes out. It seems like this is a developer worth watching!

Room to improve

The graphics in this game aren’t stunning, but they are pretty darn-good for an indie game. A better tutorial at the start of the game, or a quick video of how to play would be nice. Other than that, this game checks out 🙂


A creative indie game that’s free? Count me in! If you like games like Angry Birds or puzzle games, then you will enjoy this game.

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Creative app idea
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