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The VSCO Cam app is a very interesting app. Although it’s disguised as a simple photo-taking editing solution for mobile devices, it’s much more than that.

On top of the powerful and simple photo editing system that VSCO Cam provides, it is also a full-fledged social network and photo manager. All photos that are taken get put into a general library that can then be mass-favorited, shared, saved, or edited. To post them on your social network page, you simply select the best photos you took.

The social network behind VSCO is a mix between Instagram and Tumblr. Any images get get uploaded to your page, in the form of yourname.vsco.co, can be accessed from any device and computer. Unlike the computer-version of Instagram, VSCO’s website design is stunning.

Mission Accomplished

On top of getting photo-editing and social sharing right, this app also managed to perfect the camera user interface. Using the VSCO Cam to take photos is really simple and much more effective than using the stock iOS camera. Focusing on subjects is as easy as dragging your finger over them. Not to mention that there are a handful of other camera settings as well.

If you want to extend the filter and editing power of VSCO Cam, you can purchase more in-app filters. Once you get started with this app you can expect yourself to purchase some filter packs, because they are gorgeous and highly worth it.

Room to improve

I think this app is great as it is. If it weren’t I wouldn’t be reviewing it for App Comrade’s readers 🙂 With that in mind, I can’t find anything that the VSCO Cam doesn’t do right or that it could do any better.


From what I understand, this app used to cost money but now it’s free permanently. Since it’s free now’s your chance to download it and take it for a spin. Just bring an extra pair of socks when you try it out because it’ll blow your other pair off!

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Genre: Photo & Video
Price: Free
Developer: Visual Supply Company
Size: 174.34M
Age Rating: 12+
Rated: 4.68891 by 257015 customers.
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