Veronica Hearst – How She Documented the United Nations’ Illustrious History


Socialite Veronica Hearst has done much to help make the world a better place, improving the arts community and helping others.

Here are some of the things she has done:

Book was groundbreaking

Hearst is the driving force behind the popular book â??Visions: 50 Years of the United Nations.â? This was the first book which provided a photo history of the United Nations., so it was a significant publication. Hearst chose the iconic photos which appeared in the book, including scenes of a young girl in Greece after World War II being excited over getting a new pair of shoes. Another picture in the book, according to Reed Business Information, is of an Ethiopian woman surviving with AIDS.

The book, the first pictorial history of the United Nations, featured an introduction by Boutros Boutros-Ghali, United Nations Secretary General, and was published by William Morrow. In all, the book featured over 250 photos related to the United Nationâ??s history, chosen by Veronica Hearst. Mrs. Hearst was also heavily involved with the documentary connected to the book, which showed more of the history of the UN.

Veronica Hearst has a variety of achievements

Hearst, who was married to Randolph Hearst, has also been involved in a variety of other accomplishments. For example, she founded the America Hunger Alliance, and chairs the organization. The AHA is designed to fight the food insecurity that so many Americans have to deal with, in not knowing where their next meal is coming from.

The AHA works with a variety of organizations, from churches and synagogues to food banks and soup kitchens to make sure that people donâ??t go hungry. The organization is designed to help people from going hungry. The organization delivers non-perishable meals that are well-balanced. This food goes to both children and adults, as well as senior citizens and AIDS patients.

Hearst and the AHA work at getting food delivered directly to those who need it. She and the American Hunger Alliance believe that the only way to combat hunger and poverty is to join up charity with equality and justice.

The AHA has boxes of food with a 12-month shelf life, which are distributed to help the poor. They are designed to feed those who are unable to prepare a mean of their own. Hearst and the AHA want to end food insecurity in this nation, and to see all of this nationâ??s citizens food secure when it comes to being able to eat and not go hungry.

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