This review is for Tumblox by Rat King Entertainment, a free puzzle app with an optional in-app purchase option to add levels. This game really taxes your brain and is good fun.

The basic idea behind the game is to place the larger boxes on top of the smaller boxes. However, there is a twist . . . some boxes are colour coded, lock into place and there are even instant death boxes. The game relies on gravity and can be rotated by buttons or by rotating your device. This game has been programmed for the iPhone and iPod Touch but I found that it plays nicely at x2 on the iPad also. The game’s has a retro, 8-bit type, arcade type theme. The music fits the graphics nicely. In the review I play the game quite fast, but actually, you need to stop and think before making your move, especially on more advanced levels. I have only reached level 20 so far, with 60 levels to go since I am playing the full version and it is already melting my brain. The developer has also promised to add more levels in the future. For those players who want to have a puzzle to wrestle with instead of easy levels in ‘pick up and play’ type games’ this is an excellent game choice. There are even portals in the advanced levels which I have not reached yet. In all, an impressive puzzle app.

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