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In this game you have to insure that Swampy the turtle successfully crosses Turtle Bridge. Getting him across sounds simple in theory: just tap the corresponding  gems above swampy to complete the upcoming bridge piece. But in practice, even keeping up with the slow moving turtle is challenging.

If swampy gets to the part of the bridge that is not yet complete, he will fall down and the level will end. At the end of the level you’ll see the total amount of gems you were able to match, out of the total 100 gems that the bridge is made up of.

Mission Accomplished

Turtle Bridge is very challenging and it can definitely train your reflexes. This is a great game for kids, but it can also be enjoyed be people of any age.

Room to improve

I can’t really tell what the difference is between “The Crossing” level, the “Gem Rush” level, and the “Night Out” level other than different graphics and themes. It would be nice if each level had a different moving turtle, or maybe even less gems to match. That way players can build up from an easy level to a harder one, instead of just having three different themes but no difference in playing experience.


If you like “beat your own record” type of games, then you’ll love Turtle Bridge. People who like puzzle games will also like this game, not to mention that you can challenge your friends through Game Center to beat your record.

Turtle Bridge is free and ready for anyone to try out. If you want to purchase the last “Night Out” level and remove ads, you can do so with a $.99 in-app purchase.

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