EyeTuner is one of the only apps Iâ??ve seen that allows users to overlay different eyes over their own. Using this application you can transform your eyes to look like a catâ??s, eagleâ??s, Draculaâ??s and many more.  There are sexy, crazy and even evil eyes.

The great thing about this app is that it uses intelligent eye detection to automatically superimpose eyes. This means that as soon as you take a photo or load one in, EyeTuner will find the optimal size and position for your new eye set. And it does this fast!

In addition to all of these features, EyeTuner also lets you add multiple eyes to the same photo. This means that you can load in a family portrait or group photo, and give them all crazy eyes in one go.

Mission Accomplished

The design of EyeTuner is really clean and beautiful. It is inspired by iOS 7â??s look and feel, so you can expect a high level of quality.

In addition to sharing your completed photo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can also send a physical postcard of your photo.

There are also over 60 eye sets which can be purchased in-app, or unlocked by sharing this app through Facebook.

Room to improve

This app is free and the way it pays for itself is through ads. Other than the advertisements, EyeTuner has no glitches or shortcomings. You can even get rid of the ads for $.99.


If you want to have some fun with your friendâ??s eyes, or your own photos, then EyeTuner Photo Editor is just the thing you need. It is free for the moment, but it is uncertain if the developer will turn it into a paid app soon. So you might as well get it now before it goes up!

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