Top Ways To Improve Your TV Signal Quickly And Easily

Having poor TV signal can be highly frustrating and youâ??d probably be surprised by just how thoroughly it can ruin an evening.

On an average evening, trying to relax in front of the TV while the image and the sound keep breaking up can be incredibly frustrating and a surefire way to drive yourself mad â?? but when thereâ??s something you particularly want to watch and youâ??re forced to guess whatâ??s going on it can be downright depressing. And of course the signal will only ever choose to cut out just at the most crucial plot point so that youâ??re left completely clueless.

The good news though, is that most cases of poor TV signal can be fixed relatively easily. Usually there is something preventing the signal from coming through properly that can be fixed in a matter of moments â?? and if not then you can probably still strengthen your reception in other ways to counteract the problems. Read on to find out how to deal with poor signal quickly and effectively in most instances.

Check Your Cabling

In many cases, poor reception will simply come down to a loose connection, or to damaged cables. If you notice that the cable connecting your freeview box to your TV is very old and worn, then replacing this can often make all the difference. Alternatively, it could be that your cable simply isnâ??t plugged in firmly enough, in which case you can solve the problem simply by taking it out and putting it in again.

Target Pests

If the cables behind your TV are fine, then it may be the case that the cables coming from your aerial have been damaged. A common cause of this is pests â?? which can get inside your loft and chew through various important cables. To solve the problem, get the exterminators around to eliminate the problem once and for all.

Birds can also cause a problem if they are nesting in your aerial, so a simple scarecrow could even help your signal!

Cut Down Surrounding Trees

If you have lots of trees around your home, then these could easily be interfering with your TV signal â?? particularly if they are very tall or if they are blowing around a lot in the wind. To solve the problem, cut the tops of the trees off, or consider moving the aerial slightly so that itâ??s no longer being blocked.

Retune Your TV

Your signal woes arenâ??t necessarily down to your hardware at all though. Just as likely is that your TV needs a retune. Normally this can be accomplished relatively easy through your remote, so if itâ??s been a while, have a sit down and see if you can rectify the problem without clambering around on your roof.

Replace Your Equipment

Of course it could also be that your aerial is damaged, or that the freeview box youâ??re using isnâ??t very high quality. In most cases you will get what you pay for, so if you have a very cheap receiver, it might be worth spending a little bit more on a replacement in order to get a much higher quality image and enjoy your TV free of interruptions.

Today’s guest author, Mark Ross, is a technician at IcePest, a pest control service that provides services for wildlife removal in Toronto. When he is not working, he is seen enjoying long evening walks listening to old rock songs.

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