Top Five Grossest Bugs in The World

European Earwig

Although these guys donâ??t actually specialize in going into your ear they are nasty little buggers. Ever since Iâ??ve been a kid Iâ??ve been told they go into ears and the image of that happening to me is enough for me to hate these bugs. The female lays about 50 eggs in an underground nest during the winter. Well guess what? My ear is a perfectly warm nest during the winter. No thank you Mr.Earwig!

I also used to think that the two little spikes on the back were pinchers used to break your ear drum. Further researching this bug I’ve found out that the spikes are actually two functional penises. So if you see this bug please donâ??t be a green hippie that catches it in a cup and walks it outside to reproduce and live happily ever after. Instead I recommend you stomp its brains in and grind it into smithereens with your foot. (AppReviews4u does not promote or condone animal abuse of any kind.)

Giant Water Bug

The Giant Water Bug is one of the biggest bug in the world measuring up to 7 cm. They use a snorkel that is attached to their butts to hunt underwater. They hunt tadpoles, small fish, frogs, snails, and other aquatic insects. The Giant Water Bug has toxic saliva which can paralyze small creatures. Victims that have been bitten by them report excruciating pain and reduced sense of touch.

Little Barrier Island Giant Weta

The Weta Bug weighs as much as three mice. It has almost been exterminated on the New Zealand offshore islands after rats were introduced to the areas. It only survives on the Little Barrier Island now. It is unsocial and unattractive. Kind of hoping rat populations go up soonâ?¦

Cave Spider

Damon diadema or â??tailless whip scorpionâ? is found in Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania. It is neither a scorpion nor a spider; rather it belongs in the Amblypigi class. It is 4-28 millimeters long with a flat body and is harmless. It is however the most disgusting thing Iâ??ve probably ever seen.

Bot Fly

Bot flies donâ??t look that ugly but what they do is presumably the worst a bug could do. They infest humans and animals with their larvae that grow inside your skin. The bot fly also likes to tunnel in your flesh so it has to be surgically removed.

The way the eggs are planted is that the female fly captures a tick or mosquito and glues her eggs to the abdomen. When these insects land on a human or animal to feed, the larvae will hatch and enter the skin of the host. The worst part about bot flies is that they donâ??t die off or just leave your skin. They can live there forever unless if you remove them.

Article written by Octavian Ristea:

Can insects really lay eggs inside your ears? Click this link to find out . . .

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  1. I think the funniest thing is the comments on YouTube.

    “dick. next time? feed your disgusting waterbug something else. If i ever see you your gonna get fuked up for that watch me trace your ip address dumb youtube user.”

    Or the people upset that soldiers are murdering two “perfect” scorpions by making them fight. HAHAHAHAH I liked this comment the best “This is just horrible. Does anyone on this earth have any humanity anymore? To think the camera operator cannot even keep the action? in frame when I am trying to see these two creatures fight to the death! sad.”

    -Because that’s how I felt. I mean if I’m watching this awesome video in the first place I want it to stay in frame! LOL. Can’t believe people are crying out this is inhuman. In my opinion it’s as human as we get. Gladiator times. Inhuman. Dog fights. Inhuman. Scorpion fights? Nawwh…..

    Or this other person that got upset a spider was shot at with a BB gun. “That’s disturbing. I hope a giant turantula comes by and? shoots you in the ass. Dipshit. Venture outside and discover “life””

    “The fuck, It’s a spider theres a shit load of em everywhere like humans. When a guy dies in the? world nobody gives a shit. So why the fuck would you care about a damn spider.”

    I really hate bugs and I doubt that there will ever be a time that hating these things will not be the norm.

    Also when I was looking up bugs I found out about this guy Which that Thai eat! Have you tried it? Let me know how it tastes. Maybe shoot a video of yourself cooking 400 of the bugs and upload it to YouTube for all the green hippies to get upset 🙂 :Who-s-the-man:

  2. Yes, I have eaten ‘meang da’ before :0 , but in the form of crushed up insects used as a thick sauce flavouring. It actually tastes nice lol Sweet tasting with a lot of flavour.

    Other strange things I’ve eaten here include, duck’s tongues (which are gross), fried birds (I ate one – that was enough), duck’s beaks, pig knuckles in batter (equally gross) and fish innards soup.

    I actually like fish innards soup – they fry up the bladder and it floats on the surface of the soup. It kind of tastes like crispy fish skin, which is good with beer. I’m not brave enough to try fried crickets though.

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