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Today, when we spend most of our time sitting in front of our computers and thus letting our health take the backseat, health-oriented iPhone applications can be real lifesavers for us.

These simple, intelligent tools enable us to set new goals and keep track of our progress (fitness, weight loss apps), improve our nutrition habits (healthy diet apps), and even open doors to non-traditional yoga medical traditions (visit to learn more).

Because there are so many iPhone health apps of all shapes and sizes available on the web these days, it can be a challenge to find the one that will meet your unique health needs. So, for your convenience Iâ??ve gathered 7 most popular iPhone apps to help you watch your health. Remember to get a physicianâ??s consultation before making any serious changes in your diet and training programs.

#1 Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles

This app is suitable both for beginners and professionals. It helps you develop flexibility, strength and balance. Just select the most appropriate variant for your level (instructional lesson, special routines or individual poses) and start exercising right away! The app is available for only $1.99.

#2 FitnessClass

This is a free iPhone app offering over 400 full-length videos on fitness. This isnâ??t just another weight losing app, bit this is a compilation of challenging, quality, effective workouts. Apart from videos, FitnessClass offers many handy add-ons: ability to create your own profile to calculate burnt calories; ability to read and post video reviews; ability to ask fitness-related questions, etc.

#3 RunKeeper

Track your long-distance activities with this popular, intelligent application (it has more than 20 million downloads worldwide). Perfect for runs, hikes, bike rides, walks and other distance-based sports where the GPS can be applied 🙂 RunKeeper helps you combine pleasant and useful: it allows you to:

  • measure your heart rate;
  • get your personal stats;
  • integrate (listen and control) your music playlist;
  • get instructions through your headphones;
  • take pictures when running 🙂

#4 Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

This free app works seamlessly even without the Internet connection: it is powered by a vast 475,000+ foods database. This app has an extra convenient built-in barcode scanner, ability to select the measure (cups, oz, grams), water tracking, daily food analysis and many other functions.

#5 Fooducate

This app helps you watch your health by explaining whatâ??s really inside each product you consume. Fooducate analyses your meals, grades them and offers healthier alternatives. Its database contains more than 200,000 unique products.

#6 Cardiograph

This simple, but intelligent iPhone app measures your heart rate with a professional medical approach. It takes pictures of your fingertips (using your deviceâ??s built-in camera) to create different profiles. Thus you can track your results, add notes and even print them out.

#7 UHear

UHear (TM) is a mobile hearing loss test. This app allows you to see the first signs of potential hearing loss. Just download it (available for free) to check whether or not your hearing is within normal range.

Aleksey is a freelance journalist popularizing yoga medical traditions, one of which is using neti pots to treat sinus infection. To learn more about how to treat common nasal problems, visit

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