Top 5 Apps for avid iPad Readers

best ebook sources

If you read a lot on your iPad, the following are some of the best Apps to make use of for this purpose.

Most of these apps are free themselves but the books, periodicals that you might want to read vary when it comes to pricing.

  1. For voracious eBook readers, the Kindle eBook reader from Amazon is an excellent choice. It might not be as attractive as Appleâ??s iBooks, however it offers the largest library as well as the highest degree of cross-platform support that is available in the market at present. When searching for a book you are likely to find one for this app, and buying it enables you to read it not only on iPads/ iPhones and Kindle devices, but on other smartphones as well. Moreover, Whisper Sync allows you to pick up the book on one device exactly where you left off on another.
  2. No one has really been able to offer an iTunes-like multi-publisher experience when it comes to magazines, and it is difficult to choose the best in the field. Zinio is a pretty good choice since it supports a variety of magazines on a large variety of devices. It serves its purpose pretty well till the next generation iMags becomes available at least.
  3. For those addicted to the news, Press Reader, quite similar to Zinio, attempts to offer a one-stop newspaper shop, its library claiming to have a collection of 1700 global newspapers. In this case as well, many are hoping for Apple to roll out some iNews-Like solution to the problem, but meanwhile Press Reader is pretty satisfactory for getting the job done.
  4. The closest that comic book fans can get to a unified virtual comic store on iOS is Comics, by comixology. The same engine is used to make Marvel, DC as well as Image apps, but this is pretty much the best place to avail from all of publishers in the same place. One can easily find books, download samples and purchase books, and once an account is created the library can be accessed from other devices as well. The downside is that so far all issues arenâ??t available, neither are trade paperback style purchases.
  5. Flipboard collects everything youâ??re interested in, the stuff your friends share on Facebook, Twitter etc plus latest headlines, along with comments etc in a lovely tactile interface.Google Reader support has also been added for RSS. It allows for customization, and you can share to yoru heartâ??s content.

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