The World’s Weirdest Homes

Sometimes we can be a little reluctant to invite people to our homes.

Whether you live in Brooklyn or Brooks Reach, thereâ??s always some reason we might not always want to have people over. Theyâ??re a little messy, or a little odd-looking, so it can be difficult to get over the fact that other people wonâ??t mind as much.

If you have a problem with feeling self conscious about how your home looks, though, you should take a look at these â?? some of the worldâ??s weirdest homes:

The Crooked House, Sopot, Poland

No, you havenâ??t had too much wine. This is the Crooked House in Sopot Poland, based upon the work of artist and childrenâ??s book illustrator Jan Martin Szancer and Swedish painter Per Dahlberg. It looks like any other building…except for the fact that it is sagging in exhaustion. Construction of this weird looking building began in the January of 2003 and was completed in December of that year. Located in the Rezydent shopping centre, itâ??s a wonderful building that stands out.

The Crooked House, Sopot, Poland

Everingham Rotating House

When youâ??re deciding on a house, itâ??s of the utmost importance that you ask the right questions. Does your house come with all the features that you want? Does it have a pool? Does it have a large rumpus room? Does it have enough bedrooms? Most importantly, does it rotate? This house in Everingham does, and it costed the same amount of money to build as a non-rotating house of its size. Who knows, you might just want the sun to be shining in your room every hour of daylight, in which case you may want to install 32 outrigger wheels and two 500W electric motors to spin your house around. In any case, this is one of the strangest features weâ??ve seen, and weâ??re still scratching our heads as to why someone would want to rotate their house.


The Nautilus

If you feel like your house is missing a crowd of tourists milling around outside, you should definitely get in contact with Javier Sensonian. Heâ??s the architect of the Nautilus, which is just one of many buildings that he has designed, inspired by nature, in what he calls â??bio architectureâ??. The Nautilus looks like a crustaceanâ??s shell, and features several bits of vegetation inside, if it wasnâ??t already apparent enough that this was a green house. The mosaic facade is a lovely final touch.


Sensonianâ??s other work includes buildings that are hugely inspired by nature, to the point of looking like snakes and whales, among many, many others.

Joe Bedet is an enthusiast of architecture, whose passion has driven him to seek the worldâ??s weirdest buildings. Heâ??s happy to own a normal building on some nice real estate; Dapto is where he calls home, in the lovely Brooks Reach community.

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