The Most Lucrative Fields In Need Of Tech Professionals

tech career office imageTodayâ??s economic climate has rendered several industries and the professionals who work in them virtually obsolete.

No matter your profession, you, or a close acquaintance, have been affected by the volatile economic swings that have taken devastating tolls on industries vulnerable to unpredictable market performances.


There are, however, industries that are virtually â??recession-proof.â? These industries predictably and consistently â??hold their ownâ? in tumultuous economies. Regardless the economic state, they repeatedly post high performances and employment gains in the upper tier of the economic â??food chain.â? Examples include medical arts, social and protective services, and industrial maintenance. But of all the industries that have demonstrated a remarkable ability to survive even the most unstable economic climates, none could be any more robust than Information Technology (IT). Offering a broad array of support functions, there are countless opportunities available in the IT field.

One sector of the IT industry that continues to experience remarkable growth and popularity is IT Security. IT Security Specialists’ primary focal point includes technical, or â??cyberâ? security; one of the most â??mission-criticalâ? functions the industry can offer. IT Security Specialists ensure that sensitive data is secured in the safest manner possible. They protect networked environments. They investigate and resolve breaches against computer systems and data warehouses. They research viruses and other harmful elements that pose significant threats to technical hardware, services, and networks. Their value is priceless; as long as we continue to be a technology-driven society, there will be a need to protect our nation’s technical infrastructure.

Which Industries Rely on IT Security Specialists?


The banking industry relies heavily on IT Security Specialists. With the sheer volume of sensitive financial transactions processed on a daily basis, the need to protect the systems that process, transmit, and house their data is unfathomable. Banks deal with a tremendous amount of sensitive data, including the financial histories of major businesses, account details, and credit/debit transactions. Protecting our nation’s financial interests will continue to be a top priority and rewarding career option.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies have a great need of securing their data processing systems. Information such as arrest records, warrants, and court proceedings could be severely compromised without the presence of high-level data security systems and the specialists maintaining those systems. IT Security Specialists working in Law Enforcement protect large volumes of sensitive data and data processing peripherals, and enjoy careers working in various levels of law enforcement, including court systems, local or state police agencies, prison systems, and investigation firms. As we continue to deploy technical advances in crime fighting systems, the need for highly qualified specialists to maintain the security and integrity of those systems will always be great.


The medical industry has a tremendous need for IT Security Specialists. With the strict enforcement of HIPAA guidelines and regulations, along with the need to provide the most secure storage and safekeeping of sensitive medical records and documents, the need has never been greater to secure the health records of medical professionals and the patients they serve. Even a tiny breach of the computing systems and networks that process, transmit, or store medical information could have far-reaching consequences and implications. Specialists securing data in the medical industry can be found working in many different facets of the industry, including hospitals and clinics, laboratories, battery maintenance, and pharmacies.

Darryl Gunderson is a freelance tech blogger.


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