The History Of Radar

The History Of Radar

Radar is widely used across the globe because of its ability to detect people and things from all over. This keeps people safe, from armies to pilots and more, when traveling.

Without it, people would have few options other than going into an unknown situation virtually blind, unknown to the dangers that possibly surround them.

Like everything else in this world, radar has its beginnings, its birth, creation, and development. It was not just found one day, a natural chemical or occurrence, it was created and changed and updated over time, and even still is to this day.

Before going into how it was founded and is used for its current applications, it is important to know what it is and how it works. By bouncing waves off objects, radar is capable of telling you where an object or formation, when talking about its uses for things like weather, is and more. This can even help detect the speed of an object, which is why police choose to use it. Armies, meteorologists, police, NASA, and more all depend on radar for different reasons, and they are all very important to the public as a whole.

The reason all of these groups can use radar, though, is Heinrich Hertz. While he may not be the one who originally said that electromagnetic waves exist, James Maxwell being the man who said it exists, he is the one who proved it. Using an antenna, he found that the waves were created from a current going through the conductor at a high rate. His discovery is why the measurement for the oscillations per second was named Hertz, and Megahertz for radio frequencies.

Israeli Military Radar

Israeli Military Radar

It was in 1935 that Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt discovered that radar could be used to locate aircrafts. This discovery has led to armies across the world using it for the better of their people and soldiers, as it could quite possibly save all of their lives. By using the waves to detect close aircrafts, this radar gives people a chance to escape incoming fire. This also helps any other person who needs to know where that craft is, obviously. With this knowledge, people both on the ground and in the air are safer.

Any person who lives in an area that is regularly beaten down by hurricanes knows of the important of weather radar. Even when you live in an area that usually has beautiful weather on a regular basis, this helps you be ready. Knowing when large storms are coming, from the average to beasts like hurricanes, gives you the chance to escape and be safe. This use actually came to light on accident, only because of the overheard noise during a war. Once the battle was over, people began working on and developing weather radar for public use. Over the years, even just recently, they have grown in popularity across the world. The need for weather radar is obvious because storms are a major concern wherever you go. With this development, people are capable of walking the streets safer and happier, sure that they will not run into any surprises from the skies.

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