The Greatest ZX Spectrum Titles Of All Time !!!

Sega vs Nintendo, Atari ST vs Amiga, Xbox vs Playstaion all great wars, but there is one that often gets overlooked and that is the ZX Spectrum and the Commodore 64.

I was Speccy fan all the way and I really did love my ZX Spectrum. I wanted to take the time to share with you guys just what I think are the greatest ZX Spectrum games of all time!!!

Skook Daze

Skool Daze


This game is sure to feature on most ZX Spectrum fans lists and with good reason. It is a damn fine game. You play the role of a school kid who needs to get his report card before his parents see it. In order to do this you need to steal it out of the school office, but you need the combination to the safe in order to get it. Each of the letters that you need to get is being held by one of your teachers. This is a great game that at the time I am sure all school aged boys could relate to. There was a sequel, but for me its the original I remember best.

Soloman's Keys

Solomonâ??s Keys


When ever I think about the ZX Spectrum and great ZX Spectrum games this is one of the first that pop into my mind. It is a port of an arcade game and the ZX Spectrum actually gives us a really good port. It is a hard game to describe, but I class it as a puzzle game. Only its a puzzle gamer where there are a ton of monsters who want to kill you. I spent hours and hours playing this as a kid.

Chase HQ

Chase HQ 2: Special Criminal Investigation


This one came out late in the ZX Spectrums life, but it showed that the machine still could give us some really cool games. This is a racing game with a difference. You need to chase a bad guy down and ram into them in order to make them blow up. Its really well made and this improved over the sequel in many ways. It is crazy to think that there was still really good ZX Spectrum games being released as late as 1990. I had a NES at the time this was released, but got the game as a present from a relative and I loved it.

Jet Set Willy

Jet Set Willy


Now this is a ZX Spectrum classic. It is the sequel to the insanely popular Manic Miner. After a while party Willyâ??s house is a little worse for ware. He needs to tidy up all the mess that was made. Will lives in a crazy house as much of it is filled with crazy obstacles and monsters that will try and stop you. What is really cool about this game is that it is non linear you can go about cleaning up the mess however you want. This was really rare for a game in this day and age.




I think out of all the ZX Spectrum games that I had as a kid this one was my favourite. This is like an adventure game where you need to save Robin. In order to do this you need to explore the Batcave in order to find parts of the Batwing (I think???) It is played from a really cool isometric view and at the time I played this it was easily the best looking game I had played on my ZX Spectrum. It had a really fair difficulty level for kids as well so I never got fed up with it.


Batman ZX Spectrum Walkthrough

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