The Deadliest Warships of All Time

Deadliest Warships

The Battle Begins!

The first warships were galleys, which were long, narrow vessels rowed by banks of oarsmen. Warship battle then consisted of these galleys ramming and sinking enemy vessels or coming alongside the enemy and jumping to the other boat and killing the opponents in hand-to-hand combat.

By the time World War II came around, these warships have evolved into killing machines. Known to be the wildest and most damaging war in the history, thousands of people were killed and billions worth of property were damaged. During this era, warships were key instruments of destruction. And several of these warships are defined to be the deadliest warships of all time.

The roles and design of warships were redefined in World War II. During this war, the aircraft carrier became the main capital ship in a naval task force and several battles transpired between groups of carriers. It was also during this time that radar was first used in combat. It changed the way naval battles were fought. Warships no longer engaged in direct combat, instead, they located their enemies on radar and sent aircraft to make the attacks. Nevertheless, some of the deadliest battleships were made during this war.

Deadliest Warships Ever

Here are some of those deadliest warships:

Wolrd's best battleships

Iowa Class Battleship

  1. Iowa Class. It is compared to a cat because this warship has many lives. Though it has fought during the World War II, it was still called for action during the Korean War because of its very damageable weapons. And in 1991, Iowa Class was again called for action in Desert Storm.
    Best warships

    USS Nimitz

  1. Nimitz Class. It is very unique because it has two nuclear reactors which can be enabled to allow it to roam indefinitely around the world. Way back in 1991 in the place that was used to be called as Soviet Union, the Nimitz Class role was reversed and even became a peacekeeper of the world.
    Great Worships

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

  1. Queen Elizabeth Class. It was launched in 1913 and was the first ship designed as a fast battleship powered by oil instead of coal, which was commonly used that time. In early 1916, Queen Elizabeth Class joined four other ships named Malaya, Barham, Warspite and Valiant. Considered to be the most powerful battleship, it was armed by eight 16-inch guns together with sixteen 6-inch secondary.
    Brilliant warships

    USS Port Royal

  1. Ticonderoga Class. It was developed initially as a Cold War warrior and its role was to be a guided missile destroyer.
    Excellent battleships

    USS Fletcher 1942

  1. Fletcher Class. This was used for battles and was considered as one of the destroyers during that time.
    Most effective battleships in history

    USS North Carolina

  1. North Carolina Class. It was first launched on June 1, 1940. It was one of the battleships that had deck armor and better torpedo, gas protection and longer endurance.

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