The Coins Any Coin Collector Would Love To Own

Coin collecting is a hobby to many, and like with many collecting hobbies there are certain items that are more desirable than others. These are items that collectors would wish to own and have in their own personal collection.

The reasons certain coins are desirable can range from its value, to its design or to the story behind the coin. This post is going to tell you a little about the coins that any coin collector would love to have present in their collection.

The Queen Elizabeth II: This coin is highly sought after, as it is famous for being the worlds largest gold coin. This particular coin weighs in at a staggering 100kg, minted with the face of Queen Elizabeth II on one side and Canadian maple leaves on the other. The purity of this coin is extremely high, which is another feature that appeals to many coin collectors out there.

The 1804 Silver Dollar: Less than 20 of these types of coins exist in the world. The strange thing about this coin is that it was not minted in the year on the coin, a curiosity that makes it most coin collectors dream. In 1804 no silver coins were minted in America with this date on them. All the coins minted in 1804 were minted with the previous year, 1803. The 1804 silver dollar was actually minted in the year 1834.

The EDWARD III Double Florin: This coin is a rare coin from the medieval era and rumours state that it is the third most expensive coin in the world. Many coin collectors would love to own one of these coins due to its age and because it was only in circulation for 8 months in 1343, making it one special and unique coin to add to any collection.

The 1804 Ten Dollar Gold Piece: It is believed that fewer than ten of these coinswere ever produced, but only the whereabouts of three are actually known. This either suggests that only 3 were made or there are still some hidden out there somewhere waiting to be discovered. You may have noticed that this coin also bears the date 1804, and yes you guessed it, this coin was also minted like the silver nickel in 1834.

The Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle Coin: This coin is valued at just under US$ 8 million US and is often just referred to as the 1993 Double Eagle. This coin is eagerly sought after by coin collectors as none were ever officially circulated, instead they were just melted down. It is the rarity of these coin is what makes it so appealing to coin collectors.

The 1913 Liberty Nickel: This particular coin is many coin collectors dream at it was produced without the maker ever knowing about it. Why this is the case still remains a mystery. One theory suggests that these nickels were made as a tester whilst other theories have claimed that the coins were illegally made by a worker in the factory who never owned up.

These six coins are the coins that any coin collector would love to have. Each coin has its own unique story to why they are so desirable. If coin collecting is your hobby, these are the coins that you would dream of owning.

This is a guest post by Daniel Roberts. Daniel is writing for Regal Assets the best source on the web for gold and silver coins.

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