The best augmented reality apps for your smartphone

VR GamingAugmented reality has not reached its potential yet.

This technology can be successfully used for entertainment, educational and marketing purposes. Augmented reality apps would explore your horizon and blur the line between real and imaginative. This sophisticated technology is now available on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. Great graphics and sound effects would transform your reality in a very unusual way.

Below you will find a list of most useful augmented reality apps for your mobile device:

Stella Artois â?? Le Bar Guide

This amazing bar guide app would help you in locating the closest bar in the area. Stella Artois created a great app for bar hoppers in the UK, US and Canada. If youâ??re new in town and have no idea where to go this evening, use this augmented reality app to navigate around the local bar scene. The app would also provide you with bar reviews and ratings. When youâ??re ready to go home, use the app to find the closest taxi station or get taxi number.

Google Sky Map for Android

A keen astronomer would appreciate this app like no one else. Even if you know nothing about astronomy you would enjoy using it to identify any constellation you see in the night sky. The app would use your phone camera to recognize the stars and constellations in the sky.  Even if you want to learn more about astronomy, printed astronomy maps are very complicated to memorize. The app would use your GPS to identify the exact location of your device in order to calculate the angle and estimate the stars above you. You can choose to see only stars or planets.


This app is perfect for internet addicts as it provides you with the list of all Wi-Fi hotspots in the neighborhood. Sometimes you simply need to connect to any free Wi-Fi network just to send an urgent email. The app would identify all the closest coffee shops, co-working spaces and libraries in your area. You would rediscover your city with the app and find places that youâ??ve never seen before.

Simply use your camera to identify your location and the app would do the rest. It would point you to the right direction with several Wi-Fi options in San Francisco, London, Madrid, Berlin, New York, Barcelona and other cities.

AugMeasure app

This app would help you identify the short-distance measurements. Take a picture of an object and use the app to estimate its size in centimeters or inches. Sometimes you simply need to know the exact the right measurements of an object and cannot estimate it on your own.

Wikitude World Browser

Wikitude Browser would allow you to travel the world with comfort. It would give you any necessary information (Youtube videos, Wikipedia articles, ATMs, Tweets and much more) about historical places around you. Use your camera to explore the surroundings; you can also search for something specific in the neighborhood, for example search for a particular restaurant. You can even share your favorite places with your friends.


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