The Best Apps To Rethink Your Home

Interior Design App IconNot all that long ago if you wanted some ideas on how to redesign your home you would have had to consult an interior designer.

They would have come to your home, listened to the ideas you had in mind, added their own touch and then go out to seek everything you would need for a home redesign. However, as you could probably have guessed, nowadays there are smartphone apps that can do this for you. There are loads of great apps available that can help you rethink your home entirely. What follows is a top list of all the best ones.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

CNN called this app the â??Wikipedia of interior and exterior designâ?, which is an incredibly fitting statement. This is because Houzz provides access to the largest database of home designs on the internet, with well over 900,000 high resolution photos. This is simply superb for drawing ideas for your home from. You can search photos by specific rooms, locations and by styles. You can then save the photos you like locally so you can access them without the internet. The app even gives you the ability to share photos so you can see what other people think. You only have to take a quick look at the customer reviews of this app to realize how awesome it really is.

My Dream Home Interior Design

This app was perfectly designed for giving homeowners in need of a change some great ideas. It contains thousands of high definition photos for every room in the house. You can search through ideas via rooms or by specific elements such as fireplaces and stairs. Another really cool feature of this app is that you can use it as a live wallpaper. Your wallpaper will then be constantly updated providing you with an endless supply of great ideas for your home. This will ensure that rethinking the design of your home is never forgotten about.

Interior Design

Whether you are looking for something simple like a new set of curtains or something bigger like a full bathroom redesign this app will be able to provide you with some inspiration. It has been rated extremely highly by users, especially because of all the fantastic photos that are available and itâ??s great layout. The app has a lot of quality information on how to update a number of rooms in your house such as the living room and childrenâ??s bedrooms. Interior design is an all round great smartphone app.

Interior Design Ideas & Photos

This interior design app is highly recommended by many due to the non existence of adverts that usually come with free smartphone apps. Whether you are building, renovating, decorating or remodeling this app can provide you with some fantastic ideas. The app was designed with organization in mind, this makes it far easier to look and gather all the ideas you find in one place. Every time you find a photo you like the look of you are presented with the choice of saving it and sharing it.


This is a guest post by Breton, an occasional blogger, freelance writer. When he rethought his home, he used the apps above and bought discount bedroom furniture from Cort.

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