The Best Apps for Saving Snapchats Discreetly

If you have searched for apps that let you save Snapchat messages, then you probably know that there are no good solutions. “Snap Save for Snapchat” for example is only rated three out of five stars by users and costs three dollars to use the pro version!

Today is your lucky day though, because on January 25th, SnapVault will be released. It’s one of the most anticipated Snapchat saving app and is going to be free! You can upgrade to the Pro version for two dollars if you want unlimited folders for organizing your Snapchat videos and photos, or you can unlock 2 password protected folders and remove ads for just $.99.

That’s right, in addition to SnapVault being able to save Snapchat messages efficiently, it also locks videos and photos away to insure that your data is safe. So when you’re getting this free app, you’re essentially getting two great apps.

This app is definitely worth downloading. Heck it’s free and a must-have for Snapchat users! Never again will you lose those odd or scary photos your friends take of their face or friends, thinking that their message will self-destruct.

Aspect a full review on Snapvault from App Comrade very shortly.

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