The Amazing Computers of Hollywood: They Are Even Self-Aware!

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Despite many children knowing how to turn the computer on and do basic point and click tasks by the time they are five years old, there are still many people out there to whom a computer is a total mystery, something with unspeakable powers and something to be afraid of.

They fear that a single click of the mouse or push of a button in the wrong place and a catastrophe will happen. Itâ??s hardly surprising they think that way when you see what the film makers in Hollywood say that they can do.

You Can Blow Anything Up with the Push of a Button

Take the film â??Die Hardâ?? or â??Life Freeâ?? for example, a team of criminal hackers gain control of a mainframe system that apparently gives them a range of powers that can only be surpassed by God. They hack into a traffic lights network, hack into a webcam managing to physically move it and then hack into what must be the brain of a pilot in a fighter jet and get him to open fire onto the public. Plus they now have the ability to cause an explosion in underground gas pipes, itâ??s no wonder some people worry about switching their machine on.

Computers Help You Steal

Take the film â??Swordfishâ??, the entire premise seems to be built around logging in, hacking in and then going wherever you like, stealing what you like, using hacking as a method of stealing whatever they could from the government. As if anyone could transfer a massive $9.5m to an outside account without anyone raising an eyebrow, and the account in which the money was held didnâ??t have a security system around it as good as a virtual Fort Knox.

A Hacker can Access Your Computer and Destroy Your Life

For this reference we look to â??The Netâ??. Hackers can access someoneâ??s files and completely rewrite their identity, even altering the perceptions of her family and friends, leaving her to run from both the hackers that are doing this to her and the police who now believe she is a criminal. This film follows the premise that the internet, which has tendrils reaching into all kinds of places can be manipulated to â??make things happenâ??. Scary stuff.

Computers are on the Verge of Becoming Self Aware

The list of offending films in this category is extensive, from â??War Gamesâ?? to â??Terminatorâ?? and plenty in between. Somehow when left to its own devices a computer, being bored, will start thinking for itself and then start linking itself up with other computers in all kinds of different machines, making everything with a silicon chip self aware, of course the machines then turn against the humans. The next thing you know you have man running from the machines and the end of the world as we know it. No wonder people are wary about turning on their computers, never mind leaving them on stand-by, they probably donâ??t look at their toaster the same way anymore.

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