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This app review is for ‘Dating Sim’ by Tiger Club which is priced at $4.99 and is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app aims to improve your flirting and dating skills by experimenting by trial and error, which chat up lines work best.

This app has been put together using many sources, from social science to real world experiences. There are optional ‘seduction levels’, for if you want to engage in more activities than just playing Scrabble 😉

I had fun reviewing this app as after being rejected by a teacher and a fitness instructor, I finally found my digital soulmate – the bartender. I’m married, so I couldn’t form a deeper relationship with her, but if I were single, this would nudge me to take a second look at my non-existent flirting skills. The app is easy to play, has a choice of locations to choose from to select your flirting arena, and arms you with enhanced knowledge of flirting . . . so that you can step into your chosen flirting arena as a seasoned love gladiator. Again, great fun!

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