Suspecting Your Ex Of Calling You From Different Numbers? Ways To Find Out The Truth

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The most complex of situations that exist in oneâ??s life, arise out of human relationships. Very often, they start and end because of a union of two people of the opposite sex, who could foresee a better future for them.

As seen in a few cases, these bonds break due to various reasons. Past that, some carry the baggage of a relationship with them, and some donâ??t.

The latter happens when one is caught in the web of still having feelings for the opposite person. â??I still havenâ??t moved onâ?, is a common statement given at that time. When this happens, the person tries to keep a constant check on the â??Exâ??. Call this being overly protective, or just plain narrow mindedness and jealousy, but the truth is, this happens.

So constantly checking his/her Facebook profile, and feeling bad about him/her making new friends or socializing etc., all start affecting the weaker person in the relationship. The most common thing an Ex does in such cases, is that he/she starts calling the other person again and again, either to apologize or to creep back into their life slowly and steadily. If shunted out or ignored at that stage, an Ex tends to call from different numbers, and soon, this turns into harassment.

So what are the ways in which one can find out if their Ex is calling them from different numbers?

Seek Help of the Service Provider
It is quite common, and very easy, for a person to purchase extra numbers from a cell phone service provider. Luckily, the company always has a record of the number of registered customers with them. All one needs to do is simply save those numbers, call or visit the service provider from which the calls are being received, and file a complaint. The company then provides the details of the Owner or Subscriber of those numbers, right away. This way, one can find out the truth instantly.

Act Prudently
Acting prudently is important.  All one needs to do is check the time duration, in which these calls are received. One can observe a certain pattern, wherein the time gap in which one can possibly change a SIM Card and call from the other number, becomes evident and obvious. Through this way, one can form a judgment that itâ??s the same person making calls from different numbers. If using a smart phone, then there are several different applications available, via which one can simply feed the number and find out the details of the caller. This method may not be foolproof, but any help is good help in times of need.

Go Back To The Books
If nothing helps, this surely can. Most cities and towns have a consolidated record of all wired and unwired phone connections. In simpler terms, a Directory exists everywhere. These directories have numbers and the ownersâ?? names printed in them. An Ex may commit the folly of making one of those annoying calls from their personal landline connection, and these directories can help identify that.

Thus, in these ways one can find out the truth, about who has been calling them, and from what location. An Ex can be a torture if he/she is the pestering or the needy kinds. Itâ??s best to expose them, and get rid of all problems.

This guest post is contributed by Danny Hopes who provides effective business management tips. Check out the Reverse Cell Phone Search Service to keep a check on all the calls made on a particular phone.

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