SnapVault is an easy to use app for saving Snapchat messages that are sent to your account. Simply sign into SnapVault using your Snapchat credentials, and the next time you receive a message to that account, it will be saved permanently.

There’s really not much else to it. This app is really great and does what it says its supposed to. You can also share or save images that you’ve saved using SnapVault.

Mission Accomplished

The fact that this app can save Snapchat messages, where other apps claim to but fail, is really great. This is the one app on the App Store that can actually save Snapchats and that makes it worth getting.

Room to improve

The folder and trash icons on this app could look much better. Similarly, the green background to the app is a bit off putting. For the tutorial it would be nice if instead of a text tutorial, there was a video or interactive tutorial that shows you how to get setup.


SnapVault is the best app on the App Store for saving Snapchats. It’s free as well, so get it as soon as you can!

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