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By Arnt Henning Moberg

This app review is for ‘Sleep Bug Pro’ by Arnt-Henning Moberg, which is a universal utility app designed to help you sleep, currently priced at $1.99. In this app you can select many different scenes for listening to ambient background music and sound effects.

For example, there are underwater, outback, dreams and forest scenes. There is even a horror scene for more disturbed individuals. You can customise your scene with extra sound effects and set a timer for how long you’d like to listen to your chosen ambient sound. In the review you can get an idea of the types of ambient sounds available, but they obviously sound a lot better on the actual app, especially when using headphones. The developer has recently added 3 new scenes in an update.

As well as helping people to sleep, I can think of a number of different uses for the app. For example, my neighbours karaoke machine from hell was blocked out when I started this app and put my headphones in, which was a welcome break. For people trying to concentrate on their work and even meditate, this app would be very useful. The train scene especially helped me fall asleep as trains and speedboats have always sent me to sleep for some reason. The graphics and sound are crisp and clear and the app is easy to use and straightforward. In all, a useful app with a definite purpose, that when tested worked for me. A welcome break in a hectic world.

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Genre: Health & Fitness
Price: $1.99
Developer: Arnt Henning Moberg
Size: 224.5M
Age Rating: 4+
Rated: 4.875 by 128 customers.
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