Extreme Roadtrip 2

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The objective of this game is quite simple. Youâ??re supposed to drive your car for as long as you can before you either crash or run out of gas. Along the way you have to break crates, pick up gas, and collect gold coins. Crates are then opened at the end of your run and inside them you will find random rewards.

The gold coins can be used to unlock and upgrade cars as well as buying magnets, boost, and other features. These extra features are limited and can be turned on when you first start racing. For example the magnet feature will collect coins and gas from far away, boost will make your car very fast, and so forth.

While youâ??re racing you use two buttons to tilt your car left or right. You can also do backflips and front flips if time permits. When you land you are graded on your landing. Better landings will make your car boost faster. Land back too much and you will explodeâ?¦

To get perfect landings you can either hold both buttons to slam into the ground at the desired angle or you can tap both left and right buttons right before touching the ground. If your wheels touch but you didnâ??t get a perfect landing you will get a â??greatâ? landing.

Mission Accomplished

This game is really fun and addicting. There are no intrusive advertisements although you can watch ads on your own accord to get free crates. The cars, track, and music are really great and complement each other. If youâ??re looking to pass time or have a little fun then this game is perfect for you.

You can also challenge friends to play which is really fun.

Room to improve

Nothingâ??s bad about this game. Itâ??s simple and nice. I can easily see a third Road Trip coming out because of the success they have had with previous games.


This is a great free game. It doesnâ??t get old and itâ??s definitely worth a try. Let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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Genre: Games
Price: Free
Developer: Roofdog Games inc.
Size: 142.68M
Age Rating: 12+
Rated: 4.67375 by 1882 customers.
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