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I’m Here Free (GPS Meeting Points) by the WebThink Corporation is an ideal app for setting meeting points for friends or groups of people.

When you arrange to meet a friend or group of friends at a location in an area that is unfamiliar, you’ve probably found as I have that some friends get lost and end up having trouble finding out exactly where you are. This is where ‘I’m Here Free’ comes into its element. You can not only set meeting points, but you will be able to provide friends with clear GPS routes that lead straight to the meeting point.

This functionality first and foremost saves confusion and time lost by organising an event or meet up at a set location. Lost friends can simply follow directions to your location via GPS mapping.

If this is not enough, you can actually see your friends’ locations on the map, so you can see where they are and how long it will take them to reach your virtual location.

As an optional purchase, you can upgrade to the ability to chat in a virtual chatroom, so that all your friends can chat together, eliminating the need to use your mobile phone to keep in touch.

Concerned about privacy? No need to be, as when you log out of I’m Here Free your details are wiped out to give you maximum security. The host, who initially sets the location when logged out will cause all messages and information to be eliminated, giving you piece of mind.

I'm Here Free Screenshot 1 imageThere is no pressure to upgrade to the pro version, there are just a few advertisements, however the pro version’s ability to have multiple chats going on inside a virtual chat room is worth the additional purchase.

One thing that really impressed me was the introductory swipe screen that pops up when you initially open the app, telling you all about the app’s functionality and purpose.

After the introductory screen you are invited to log into Facebook with the ability to add friends as well as set meeting points.

This app could be very handy if you use it as a family, so that if your children became lost, you could help them meet up with you, giving you piece of mind in an unfamiliar area.

If you enjoy a sporting event, such as playing football for example, you can invite friends and give them the location to arrive at for a match or practise event.

What about tracking your children’s route on their way home from school? Instead of worrying if they are on their way safely, you can just follow them on this app ensuring their safety.

There is also the option to set a spontaneous event. Perhaps you might be out with a few friends and it turns out to be a great night out. You can then invite other friends to join you for the event to turn it into a party.

The app also has possibilities for small business owners. Imagine that you wish for employees to meet up at a certain place with GPS coordinates included. You would easily be able to do this with I’m Here Free.

The interface is very simple and easy to use. As soon as you are logged into Facebook there is really only one screen that you’ll have to use as an interface. On the GPS interface you can search for an address, share locations, chat with friends (after purchasing the pro version) or see details of your current location.

Mission Accomplished

This app will be great to use if you regularly set meetings or get-togethers with friends. I liked the simple to use interface and the idea behind the app. I thought the idea for keeping family and friends safe by tracking their progress on the way to a location was a neat idea. The app is completely free to try out and if you enjoy using this app and it’s useful to you,  you can easily upgrade to the pro version with chat enabled for a small fee.

Room to improve

This app does what it says it does on the tin, plain and simple. I’ve no complaints about this app as it ran smoothly and was easy to use. As a suggested enhancement in a future update I would suggest to the developer to maybe consider integrating photo taking functionality within the app, so that when arranging a meeting point, the person arranging the meeting point would have the option of taking a picture of the location to show people a visual of exactly where they are meeting up. By having a picture of outside the venue especially, friends meeting up would recognise the picture when they get within close proximity of the location. This is only a suggested improvement for a future update of course.


This app does exactly as it describes in its app description – it enables you to meet up with your friends without them getting lost and saves a lot of time. The developer has done a great job in making this app simple to navigate around and it has not been unnecessarily overcomplicated in any way. If you are looking for an app to track your children’s whereabouts this app will be invaluable also. A great app that is practical and a great tool for getting friends to meetings or get-togethers safely and with minimal fuss or confusion. An invaluable app for setting up meeting points.

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