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Using this app you can browse photos that are grouped together by location, events, countries, cities, or venues. The idea is that you can browse live events around you by seeing photos of what’s happening, but the app isn’t that popular yet so not a lot of events are available for viewing in just about anywhere in the world.

The app pulls information from Instagram based on tags, so if there’s a concert for example then the app will show photos from that concert based on what people are posting on Instagram. This means that the app as a whole is flawed. ¬†Like and comments from Instagram don’t get pulled through to Scope, instead, new likes and comments within Scope get added to the image.

If you want to post photos at an event or venue, you can do it straight through Scope. The ending result then is a lot of Instagram photos mixed in with the in-app photos that are being posted.

Mission Accomplished

Scope has some interesting features to it like being able to create a geofence around an event, such as a party, that someone may host to capture any photos that people upload in that area under a certain event name. It’s not quite clear if people at that event would have to post photos through Scope or whether they would still get pulled from Instagram if they are within the defined geofence.

Room to improve

Instead of piggy-backing on Instagram’s photo database, this app would be much better off if it had its own user-base.


If you’re looking to find certain photos of an event you can easily do so by searching for the name of the event on Instagram. After all, that’s all this app is doing anyways. The idea behind Scope is great but the way it is implemented is quite limited and not effective for discovering or sharing photos/events at all. ¬†Without a large user base this app will never be able to connect people.

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