Snuggle Truck

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By Owlchemy Labs

Snuggle Truck is a driving game that starts off relatively easy, but gets more and more challenging as the game goes on.

The object is to transport all the cute characters to their destinationin tact. You tilt your device to direct a smooth landing after jumps, or to juggle the passengers if they look like they’re going to fall out.
There are extra passengers that you can collect for a bonus called ‘fuzzies’. However, these extra passengers are thrown up into the air at different angles making them a challenge to pick up. You trigger these extra passengers by going past checkpoints.
There is a good tutorial where a wise owl pops up to educate you about how to play the game. Then on the basic levels you can just accelerate through the level with ease. Although on harder levels you must slow down to avoid hazards, like bumps and low hanging cave ceilings.
You are awarded various medals for completing levels which includes a time factored challenge. You can even make up and share your own level creations.
This driving game has a feel good factor included.
There is an in-app purchase option if you wish to convert all characters to pandas and the app is game centred enabled.
Higher levels open up when you have cleared key levels. By shaking your device you can enable ‘Turbo’ mode.
This driving game will especially appeal to children as the game is cute.
The review was for the iPhone version of the game, however, there is also a version for the iPad.
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Genre: Games
Price: Free
Developer: Owlchemy Labs
Size: 74.32M
Age Rating: 4+
Rated: 4.06569 by 137 customers.
Fun level
Creative app idea
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