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This game consists of quite a few games for the betterment of children. One of these games is called “drawing lines” which requires the player to draw similar length and angle lines. Another mode within this game includes “quantities” in which the player has to choose the correct amount of objects as the number shown, as well as “puzzle” which involves putting pieces of an image back where they belong.

Sami Apps also has a flashcard section which kids can learn colors, numbers, food, and animals through. Not to mention its story mode (which seems like it does not work currently).

Mission Accomplished

In addition to all the game modes, there’s also a “utilities” section which is basically a sound machine for children to help them fall asleep.

Room to improve

While playing this game I was not able to get the story mode to work. It’s supposed to allow the player to choose different story parts and shake them together into a story, but that did not work for me. In fact, the graphics of some of the story elements stuck around while leaving the story mode and browsing other menus.


For a free app Sami Apps doesn’t seem to deliver enough value. It’s not even worth the space it takes up on a parent’s phone in my opinion. There are plenty of other apps, or resources, that a parent could use to teach their children colors, animals, and numbers. If anything, parents have been doing this for thousands of years without any apps. Even if Sami Apps is free, and even if it wasn’t glitchy when it comes to its story mode, it really wouldn’t have much use for a parent.

Also, the app is constantly trying to up-sell the parent or child using the app into buying in-app purchases.

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