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‘Sail A Song’ by Mueller&Polster is a very enchanting and relaxing game to play as you can play along to your favourite music.

The object of this game is to sail along on your ship and collect as many stars as you can for your true love. I was addicted to this game from the moment that I started playing it.

This game is currently the top music game in Germany and it’s not hard to see why. When you open up the app you are taken through a short intro and then asked to name your ship after your one true love. You then select a music track from your personal music list or sail along to the main theme tune of the game.

There is a line of musical notes that run across the screen and the idea is to manipulate the notes by dragging your finger up and down on the right hand side of the screen. This creates waves in the musical notes which carry your ship up and down and can cause your ship to jump.

You gain more points by jumping, rather than just flatly sailing along. There are also fireflies to collect to keep a set of storm lamps illuminated. If your storm lamps go out it is game over. Each lighthouse acts as a checkpoint in the game as when you pass a new lighthouse you are given a new set of storm lamps. You can also get various bonuses by star collecting combos.

The game gets progressively more challenging as you advance and there are new features that emerge, such as moving stars and stars that offer more ‘jump resistance’, as in the physics objects, being the stars repel your ship more.

You are given seaman’s rank and you have to gradually increase your rank by completing set challenges on levels.

There are so many neat little details and attention to detail in this game. For instance, the light houses’ beams rotate and fish, dolphins and whales occasionally surface from the rolling sea at the base of the screen.

The graphics are top quality illustrations and the main menu is easy to navigate around. I liked the icon for this game too as it is very eye catching.

I found that when playing I felt very relaxed, as the game flows along with the bonus of being able to play along with a music track that takes your fancy at that moment.

Adults as well as children will enjoy this game, as it can be as challenging as you’d like it to be. If you just want to play to relax you can, or you can concentrate on climbing up the ranks to hit levels that are a real challenge.

This app was made as a crowdfunding project to support and celebrate the release of the developer’s new accoustic album AHOI.

This is one of the best games I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing and very addictive. This app is priced at under $1, which is very fair considering the amount of enjoyment gained from this cute and immersive game.

This game is unique and fun to play. A+++!

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Hi, Kevin here reviewing ‘Sail A Song’ by Mueller&Polster, a music based game app which is currently the top paid Music game in Germany.

It’s not hard to see why this game is a top game after you see how good this app is. Let’s go ahead and start the app up.

Start app . . .

When we open the app there’s a really neat world map screen, where we have 4 options presented to us. To play online, an about page, an options menu and a ‘best’ menu to check your progress.

Let’s go into the best menu . . .

Click on ‘Best’ . . .

Here you can see my current points and stars collected, as well as my seaman’s rank. You start off ranked as an ordinary seaman and then work your way up the ranks.

OK > Options . . .

Here we can look at how to play the game and also change the name of our boat.

Replay Intro . . .

I’ll replay the intro for you here . . .

Select Music Track . . .

Okay, let’s start a game. First you can select the music to which you want to sail to. You can select a particular track list, shuffle it or listen to the theme tune. I’m selecting a song I made up in Garageband here, not to infringe on any copyrights in this video.

Play Game . . .

1) So, the idea of this game is to move the record on the right hand side up and down with drag movements to cause waves in the music to cause your ship to jump.

2) The object is to catch as many stars as you can on your sailing journey.

3) You must catch fireflies to keep your storm lamps illuminated, and if these storm lamps go out it’s game over. What’s really neat is that the fireflies and lamps change colour after you pass a lighthouse. The lighthouses act as a kind of check point as passing a lighthouse will illuminate all of your storm lamps again.

4) There are various bonuses for jump catches, which have more effect than just sailing flatly.

5) Catching 3 stars in a row gets you an extra storm lamp. And catching 4 stars in a row will illuminate all of your storm lamps. There is also a joker star which will keep your last storm lamp illuminated one time.

6) What’s really cool about this game is that there is no pause button. The game automatically pauses when you pull your finger off the screen.

7) The graphics are amazing in this game, this is professional artwork and look like top quality illustrations out of a children’s book.

8) The attention to detail in this game really grabs me. There are waves at the base of the screen, the rotating lights from the light houses to the cute hearts that pop out of your boat as you sail along.

9) This game has a magical feel to it and you can sail along to your favourite tune.

10) One thing I found too is that it is relaxing to play and not stressful. It kinds of leads you into an enchanted musical world or your own.

11) There won’t be any walkthrough to this game as it is through feel and intuition that you can improve. Kind of like riding a bike, no one can tell you a method for balance. You just have to find a way through natural feel, like playing this game.

12) The blue tag in the lower left hand side of the screen tells you your current progress level, and the anchor button in the lower right hand side of the screen can take you back to the main, set volumes amongst other things.

13) At the end of a sailing run the game will tell you how many stars you’ve collected for your true love and you’ll also receive a star score.

14) To earn a new rank you have to pass a certain set of goals. Such as when you want to go from being an ordinary seaman to an Able Seaman, where you have to catch 75 stars, score at least 3000 points and pass the 4th lighthouse.

Conclusion . . .

In a nutshell, this game has stunning graphics, is really cute and addictive in a relaxing way and is a great way to include your favourite music as an actual part of the game. I would highly recommend this game. A big thumbs up from me. Thank you for watching


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  1. The best thing that i find about this app is that it includes music as we proceed further in the game. What could be more fun and relaxing than that? And the whole game idea of the ship and it’s destination is something very unique! Thumbs up to this one! 🙂

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