Proven Ways to Break the Smoking Habit

There is no doubt that smoking is bad for your health. Damaging the lungs and shortening your life span, your family may be pleading with you to kick the habit. Unfortunately, giving up nicotine can be next to impossible. While some people can put the pack down and ever touch a cigarette again, most people will attempt to break the habit several times before they are successful. Here are some proven methods you can use for putting down your last pack of cigarettes.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

If you are one of those people who needs help quitting, then you need to take time to prepare yourself for this life change emotionally. Plan it, prepare for it and then embrace it. Give yourself a solid date on the calendar when you will quit, and then spend the next few weeks preparing yourself for it emotionally. You can even give yourself a jump start by making sure you switch to a balanced diet, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. Being in good health physically will make it easier for you to handle the stress of quitting when the time comes.

Find Another Stress Reliever

Many smokers light up their cigarettes to help them relieve stress. If you turn to tobacco when you are dealing with difficult feelings, then quitting the habit may be harder for you. Start by developing other methods of coping with those uncomfortable feelings. Take up a new hobby, learn sensory relaxation techniques or start a good exercise routine. When you have a way to deal with the rough emotions, you will be more likely to succeed the next time you try to quit.

Identify Your Triggers and Find Replacements

If stress and emotions arenâ??t what prompt you to smoke then you should take the time to determine what does. If you can identify a habit, then you can try to find an alternative. If you smoke when youâ??re bored, then you could make sure you stay busy during the quitting period. If you light up when youâ??re around friends, then you can enlist your friends to help you quit. Determine what kind of smoker you are, and you will be more successful the next time you try to quit.

Remove Temptation at Once

You will have weak moments when youâ??re trying to quit. There will be times when you can clearly remember the taste of a cigarette and nothing will seem sweeter and more amazing. You are far more likely to fall off the wagon if you have left a partial pack of cigarettes in the glove box or your purse. When your deadline arrives on the calendar, make sure your home, car and office are completely free of cigarettes.

Remind Yourself of the Long-Term Benefits

It will help you to remember the long-term benefits of evicting cigarettes from your life. Your clothes and hair will smell better, and you will not get winded as quickly. Not only will your health improve for the long-term, but you will also enjoy immediate health benefits. If you arenâ??t motivated by your personal health, then consider how much money you will save by kicking the habit. Start a quitting jar. Every time you feel the urge to go buy cigarettes, drop that cash in the jar instead. By the time youâ??ve kicked the habit, you could have enough money in the jar for a nice dinner out or even that hot new electronic gadget.

Like any addictive habit, you will probably fall off the wagon a few times. The important thing is that you donâ??t give up. If you are out with friends and bum a cigarette, donâ??t decide that all is lost and buy an entire pack. Accept that you strayed from the path and get back on track as soon as possible. Anything worth achieving will require some work, and the benefits of living a smoke-free life are definitely worth your hard work.

Guest author Kevin Wiseman is a freelance blogger writing on behalf of Edrugstore.MD a site where you can order medications online. For more information you can read an edrugstore review.

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  1. I heard they put up to 4000 poisonous chemicals into cigarettes, including rocket fuel . . .
    This is why nicotine gum doesn’t work for some people as it’s not just nicotine your taking into your lungs. If this drug was new, and it is a drug, it would be banned straight off, but there are too many fingers in financial pies for governments to be able to act decisively now. They’d lose too many votes anyhow as there are too many addicts. This drug kills more people than traffic accidents and heroin overdoses alone.

  2. I don’t smoke but I want to share this very helpful ways on how to quit smoking to a friend of mine. I don’t think smokers don’t understand the danger and the huge financial toll of smoking. They do, but they still choose to continue because maybe of the highly addictive nicotine or the comfort they get out of it. I’m sure when my friend read this, he might realize that it’s not too late to quit because there are ways in breaking bad old habits. thanks!

  3. I have honestly never tried weed but the reports make it seem like it is 200x healthier. Reportedly no one has died from an overdose and it doesn’t cause cancer. It is not physically addicting and does not make you violent like alcohol. No reports of dads smoking weed and then beating their kids.

    Only problem is teens love to experiment. If weed is legal then they will just experiment with the next drug. Which may be shrooms, LSD, or ecstasy. Seeing how Steve jobs did LSD and Obama experimented with marijuana I think it is all moderation. Of course LSD and weed aren’t that addicting so I wouldn’t trust any other drugs in the hands of people. At any rate cigs are terrible. I wouldn’t trust recreational drug as long as I didn’t grow them myself. People always find a way of sneaking crap into your food. Look up pink slime, which McDonalds even used in chicken nuggets. It is all about making food and cigs cheaper to produce. No one really cares if its bad for you. After all it is all choice and you can’t blame manufacturers for making crap you enjoy buying.

    That’s what it comes down to. Smoking is stupid and unhealthy but many people don’t know that until it is too late. Becoming dependent on something isn’t curable overnight. Best solution is don’t do drugs 🙂

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