Pool Bar

By Future Games of London


With ‘Pool Bar’ you can play with draw, follow and all the billiards tricks you can do in real life. Become an online pool shark with this popular 3D billiards game . . .

Pool Games by FGOL – Future Games Of London, is a 3D pool game where you have the option to play online or in single or double player modes.

You can view the table from above, go into free view mode and even put spin on the ball. This is one of the most realistic games I’ve played. You can choose between four character avatars to play as, as well as having the option to play English 8-ball, American 8-Ball or 9-Ball pool.

The only thing missing is a career mode option which I am hoping the developers will bring out as an update in the future.

You can play in 3 different skill modes: easy, medium or difficult level. There is also two different types of aiming modes to play with: standard and expert. There is a choice of 1, 3 and 5 racks to play in a match.

The details of the surrounding bar is impressive. You can enter free view mode to look around the bar, where you’ll notice a juke box, a games machine and a poster advertising ‘Hungry Shark’ and you can even just about see outside the front doors. The graphic details of the table and the pool balls are spot on too.

I initially, I found it hard to hit balls softly, but you get the knack of it after a while. The physics of the game are really good and pretty true to reality.

When I first purchased this game you couldn’t play online, but now, with this added function it makes the whole game more of a challenge as you can pit your wits against other Pool Games players.

There are two versions available. One version for the iPhone at under $1.99 and another version for the iPad at $2.99 at the time of this review.

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