Need A New Roof? These Four Apps Will Clarify The Process

Most people give little thought to the literal roof over their heads, but it is an important (and potentially expensive) element of home maintenance.

If minor problems are neglected for too long, they can become costly hassles that involve thousands of dollars worth of materials and labour to correct. Unfortunately, many do not catch these issues before it is too late and comprehensive roofing services are required. If your roof is in need of major repairs but you are not familiar with the overall process, then the following four apps will help provide you greater insight into the procedure, costs and options available to you.


Designed for contractors, the iRoofing help is not only limited to roofing experts. With a ton of valuable information and presentation materials included, home owners can get a better idea of the aspects that go into any new roof construction or repairs, while being able to browse locally available products such as tile, shingles and metal roofing. If you are curious as to what a new roof will look like, the built-in rendering tool allows users to capture a photo of the home and apply a new roof â?? whether it is metal, shingles or tile. Seeing as how this is a free app and available for all iOS devices, iRoofing is definitely worth checking out if you need any roof repairs.

Atlas Select Your Roof

If your shingle roof needs replaced, it can be frustrating and stressful to consider both the costs involved and the way it will look once complete. With Atlas Select Your Roof (free and available for all Apple devices); you can take the guesswork out of this step of the process. With options to view both a variety of sample homes and your very own home, you can apply any number of Atlas roofing products to see how they will look in contrast with your home’s facade. Also included with this app are a variety of helpful tips and articles on proper roof maintenance and definitions of major roofing components.

Roofing Calculator PRO

If you are worried that a potential roofing contractor may be taking you for a wild goose chase, then you will want to have as much information at your disposal before dealing with them. The Roofing Calculator PRO app for Android devices ($19.99) allows its owners to determine the cost of materials for any roofing project: pick your roof style, the materials necessary for construction or repairs and any miscellaneous fees such as permits and sales tax in order to receive an accurate quote.

Construction Calc Pro

A fully functional tool that can be used for many home related projects not related to roofing, Construction Calc Pro gives its owners the ability to quickly determine visual and cost estimates for any roofing project. You can insert variables such as width, depth, height, pitch and type of roofing and nails to accurately receive a quote that can then be presented to roofing contractors for consideration and competition. Costing $7.99, you can find this app on the Android Marketplace.

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Today’s guest author, William Brooks, is a civil engineer at Roof and Cladding Professionals, a roofing company based in New South Wales, Australia. In his opinion, Metal re-roofing is a finer choice than Asbestos re-roofing as Asbestos can prove to be a harmful substance.

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