Motorola GPS Sports Gadget

Motorola Motoactv GPS Watch

Motorola is a company better known for its stylish phones as opposed to its top of the range sports gadgets, but recently it has leapt into the fast paced GPS watch market.

For those of you who arenĂ¢??t familiar with GPS watches, they are the latest gadget to hit the running and cycling world. You can record things like pace, distance, time and speed using a small GPS sensor that fits into the same space as a normal watch.

Recently, there has been a number of watches hit the market as each of the large manufacturers seeks to create something that offers nothing any of their rivals can.

Motorola is one such company and they have come forward to take the market but storm with their latest creation, the Motorola Motoactv. This watch contains a number of features that no other GPS watch on the market offers and as such is has literally take the market by storm

One of the main features of the Motoactv is its full colour touch screen combined with advanced firmware. It is this winning combination that gives the Motoactv a seamless interface that makes navigating to the feature that you need quick and easy, even when running or cycling at speed.

But the Motorola GPS watch is not just a pretty gadget, it has some serious hardware to back up its good looks. A high precision GPS Sensor makes tracking your vital statistics easy and its in built accelerometer means that you can keep track of your vitals even when your GPS reception fades.

Any runner, cyclist or triathlete will know that having a timepiece that can keep up with the demands of training is invaluable. This unit allows you to quickly and easily setup advanced training sessions such as intervals or hill reps at the click of a button.

Another great feature is the ability of the Motoactv to upload all of your hard worked for training data to an online training poral using WIfi. This is something that no other GPS watch features and makes for quick and easy transfer without you having to fiddle around with any kind of cable or sensor.

If that is not all then we can take a quick look at some of the other great featurs the Motorola Motoactv offers. You can keep track of your running or cycling route using the full colour map that is updated in real time. Although this man only shows streets and roads, it is a great aid to finding your way back home after a long day of training.

To read more about the Motorola GPS watch as well as come of the latest additions that have been made (updated firmware and batterylife) see the Motorola GPS watch post over on the London runners blog or check out one of the other excelent posts on this Blog.

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  1. I like the look of the size of this gadget as it no doubt easily fits into your pocket. Better than say a smart phone which would be too bulky. Heaven forbid a cyclist or runner that might use sports apps on tablets lol đŸ™‚ Or maybe they could lift up the tablet as a weights workout on rest breaks? Looks like a neat and useful little gadget . . .

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