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Mighty Met is a mighty metronome app that is a musician’s, dancer’s, or marcher’s dream. This is the first metronome ever that is dynamic and allows to be programmed with multiple tempos, time signatures and subdivision changes.


Whereas regular metronomes can only be set to one tempo, and then they have to be stopped and changed when necessary, Mighty Met does it all automatically.

If you need to practice a song for example that has a certain tempo for its chorus, but a different tempo for its verse, you can program Mighty Met to change at that time. Before musicians would have to stop in the middle of practicing the chorus, stop the metronome, set it to a new tempo, and then start the metronome and start practicing again.

With Mighty Met you can just program everything before you start playing, and as you play the metronome will change as desired.

Mission Accomplished

This app has a beautiful interface. But its functionality is just as amazing. Metronome settings can be saved as “projects” so that once they are put together, they can be saved and loaded in the future. Creating tempo tracks is also really simple with the card system that Mighty Met uses. Simple tap add, and a card will be added where you can input the amount of measures the tempo will run for, the tempo, as well as the time signature.

Room to improve

It would be nice if you the app was voice activated so that you could change tempos just by saying “Switch to tempo 1.” Or even being able to switch between projects via voice would be nice.

If a musician, marcher, or dancer has to practice more than one song they would benefit from having a hands-free way of changing between their metronome projects. However this feature being absent is not really a deal breaker.


If you need a metronome for any reason, whether you are a musician or a dancer, then Mighty Met is a must-have app.


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