Monster Galaxy: Zodiac Islands

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By Gaia Interactive Inc.

No need to become a monster hunter – become a monster tamer instead and capture your Moga in this captivating and popular game . . .

When browsing in the app store for games I usually look at two things, whether or not the game is free and how good its reviews are. I came across an application called â??Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands.â? Unlike any other application I have seen before, Monster Galaxy averaged out to five stars over 17049 ratings. This caught my eye and I told myself it had to be a special game. And special it was! This is one of the best games I have played in my life.

â??Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islandsâ? is a very simple to use game and even guides you while playing for the first time. The main concept of the game is to move on from level to level and to get an acceptable score. Speaking of scores, this game is Game Center compatible so you can compare your stats with friends. While fighting in a battle you can capture â??Mogasâ? which you can use during following battles. There is an extensive list of available Mogas to capture throughout the game and it gets more intimidating as you move on. To capture one of these Mogas one must consider the health of the Moga which relates to the success rate of attempting a capture and whether to use a normal Starseed or Master Starseed. An impression one might get when they first play is that the game is perhaps very similar to Pokémon. However, thatâ??s not really true. This game does in fact hold many things in common  to Pokémon whilst it remaining different in a lot of respects. Anyway, the game is not plain at all and there are many factors to consider when playing (most of the time you wonâ??t just be tapping away on the screen).

This game is very advanced and organized. What I mean by organized is that the layout is very clean and everything is easily accessible. The colors on the display guide you on what to do. This game has never lagged on me and I am pretty sure it will run on old devices running iOS.

Generally, this is a great game which I have to say is one of the best I have played on a mobile device. The concept is great, and the developers did a great job making the game stable. One thing I would like to note about this app is that it can only be played in the landscape orientation, which is not a problem for most people. I have already recommended this game to my friends and I suggest you give it a shot!

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Genre: Games
Price: Free
Developer: Gaia Interactive Inc.
Size: 56.64M
Age Rating: 9+
Rated: 4.70728 by 6402 customers.
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