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The objective of this game is to complete fuses in a puzzle. The game allows you to see the puzzle area as well as battling ships at the top of the screen. If you are too slow the other ship will shoot at you. Your goal is to destroy the other ship before you sink! Completing fuses sets off cannons and shooting cannonballs will damage the other ship.

The fuses come in many different nodes/directions which can be connected to set off one or more cannons at a time. You can tap broken fuses to rotate them into place. As soon as your fuse touches one burning flame it will set everything off regardless if you have connected the other cannons. So you want to make sure to connect all fuses possible before setting everything on fire.

After the fuses have set off the cannons they will burn out and new ones will fall down to fill the missing spaces. Depending on how many cannons you were able to fire with those fuses you will also get random powerups. If your fuse happens to burn through these powerups it will make your shots even more powerful.

Game Modes:

You can choose from three different game modes in Pirate Gunner HD. In Story Mode you will follow along with the story by finishing each mission and unlocking more. In Puzzle Mode you donâ??t even see the battling ships at the top of the screen like you do in Story Mode. Instead you have limited fuse rotations. That means your gameplay will be challenged by how well you think before changing a fuse as opposed to changing a lot of fuses randomly like in the Story Mode.

The last type of game mode is Arcade. In this version you can battle other ships like in Story Mode but thereâ??s no story. You just keep battling. Precipitation covers the screen so it makes it a little hard to complete the fuses with particles falling down.

Mission Accomplished

This is a classical puzzle game in which you have to complete a line of some sort. It reminds me of classical video games where you would have to angle mirrors in order to direct a laser somewhere. Other variations include broken wires that need to be connected and so forth.

Pirate Gunner brings something new to the table by offering the ship battle at the top of the screen alongside the puzzle; as well as the impending doom the competing ship creates. If you donâ??t finish fast enough your ship will sink and that definitely makes this game more exciting than other puzzle games.

Room to improve

This game does feature advertisements but they are non-intrusive. One problematic thing in Pirate Gunner HD occurs in Puzzle Mode. When you run out of fuse taps you fail the level and you have to play again. To start playing again you have to wait for all the fuses to fall from the top. This starts to waste time if you keep failing the same level.

It would be nice if the fuses were automatically there instead of having to wait for them fall.


Pirate Gunner HD features classical gameplay but also adds in battling ships to make the puzzle aspect more exciting. If youâ??re into easy puzzle games than you might want to give this game a try.


Hey there, I’m Andre from appcomrade.com and today I’m going to be reviewing ‘Pirate Gunner HD’ which looks great on bigger devices such as the iPad and smaller devices such as an iPod Touch and iPhone.

Now, the game actually feels really light and it’s a puzzle type game, you have to connect lines but an original way. Kind of like fuses you have to connect and then you can blow up combos, but I’ll get to that when I launch the game.

The game is really fun, rated at four stars out of 28 ratings which is really good, and the graphics once again are really, really good. I’ll show you the game right now.

In the game right now we have a pretty nice audio setup, it make me feel enthusiastic to play the game. I like how they’ve laid out the menu there is a moving sail on the boat and a moving wooden sign and ‘achievements’ is represented as a life belt.

Right here you can start the game. I finished a lot of the game on my iPod Touch, however, on the iPad I’ve just started. You can see the levels are locked when you don’t have the level finished. But for the first one if I click ‘set sail’ it’s going to teach me how to play. I love games that do this because they do a really great job and I can simply skip it if I want. Once again, they’ve done a great job in teaching people how the game plays.

Here they are advising me to play and connect the fuses. So these are the fuses, as I said and when they are matched from the fire, they’re yellow but when they’re connected to the bomb they’re red. So what you wanna do is basically link the red with the yellow and it will initiate the cannon . . . Boom!

I can do two at once and that would kind of be a combo. Actually I can do more, I can do three or four and I can keep linking these fuses wherever I want. That’s the cool thing about it. You can do whatever you decide. As you can see, all these got connected and that’s a combo right there and it will tell me if I do another three or whatever, another combo, keeps going on and on and the health of the other ship will decrease and it’s listed above. Of course, the other ship is gonna try to attack me too. The other ship’s name is called ‘Fortunate One’ and it’s at almost half its health.

On the other side it’s me ‘Dark Thunder’ – full health – 2500. So, that’s pretty nice. Also I like the graphics for the ships that are sailing.

So, the main focus of the game. Really nice concept, a puzzle type game. You know, I can get extra bonuses, extra money, all this extra stuff, which is really cool and you can do a lot in the game. Sometimes extra features will come down and may give you an extra shot. You can even do a big cannon.

You’ll gain experience points as you play. Right down here you can see that my XP is 4259. I’ll show you guys real quick that there is a puzzle mode. There are three modes and this one where I have to fire specific cannons, one shell at once.

This puzzle mode is not as intense as the other mode as there are not as many sound effects and it’s constant with not many things moving. You have to use your brain more than just clicking around. This is what I like better in the game as this puzzle mode give the game its flavour. I really like this feature that they implemented into the game.

Here I had to try again as I didn’t know what I was doing. So this game is easy and I’d recommend this game. I like how the game looks, great touches.

Thanks guys. So stay tuned on appcomrade.com.

Andre runs a great tech blog at techdiggy.com


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