Make A Fantastic First Impression With A Virtual Office

One of the most important rules when it comes to business is to make a great first impression on clients.

A business that fails to do this risks losing potential customers to competing businesses, which ultimately results in a loss of potential profit. Looking professional and offering exceptional customer service can help a business to build up a reputation and expand its customer base. In this article we will explain how it is possible to create a fantastic first impression with the use of a virtual office.

Making a first impression is important

How a virtual office functions

For those of you that donâ??t know, a virtual office is a business that provides off-site communications and address services for small to medium sized companies. There are virtual offices based all over the country, enabling businesses to choose a location that suits them. Virtual offices usually provide a range of services including telephone answering, mail forwarding, invoicing, faxing and scheduling. Some companies can even provide additional services such as digital strategizing and social media management.

Setting up a new business address in a prestigious location

Leasing an office can be very expensive which is why many business owners choose to run their companies from their homes. The problem is that many consumers wrongly assume home based businesses are less reliable and trustworthy than more established traditional businesses.

This often means that small home based businesses lose out to much larger companies for unsatisfactory reasons, which really isnâ??t fair. Lose the stigma of being a home based business by securing an office address in a prestigious location.

Virtual offices allow you to use their address as your business address so you no longer have to give out your home address to customers. This will create a great first impression with new clients as they will perceive your business as being professional and prestigious because of your new location. All of your mail will be sent to your virtual officeâ??s address where it will be sorted by your virtual assistants before being posted out to your home address.

Acquiring a business telephone numbers and virtual receptionists

Virtual office gives business owners the chance to set up non-geographical business phone number. Like the name suggests, these phone numbers are not linked to any specific geographical areas and help businesses to market their services nationwide.

Virtual offices employ virtual receptionists who take calls on behalf of other businesses. Having a virtual receptionist to take your business calls will look far more professional to customers. Many virtual receptionists are trained in customer service, enabling them to handle your customersâ?? calls, perhaps even better than you could yourself!

Outsourcing work to a supportive administration team

Clients are more likely to want to do business with you if you look like you have a dedicated team of workers behind you. Although you will not have employees working onsite, you will have a supportive admin team behind you, they will just happen to work from a separate location! Customers do not need to know that you outsource work to virtual assistants. All they need to know is that you can handle their business in a professional and efficient manner.

A professional team ready to work


Virtual offices can help new businesses to create the right impression on customers by making them appear larger and more professional. Even business owners that work alone will look like they have a dedicated team behind them with the help of virtual assistants and receptionists.

There is nothing wrong with enhancing your business by using a virtual office. You are not deceiving your customers or doing anything wrong, providing that you continue to deliver a professional, reliable and high quality service.

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Written by Megan Hunt who loves virtual office. Click here for more information.

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