The MotorMouth App


This app lets you leave geolocated comments on just about anything. You can use it to review a place or to create notifications, reminders or warnings.

If youâ??re hiking you can leave a voice comment next to a cool place you found, and if youâ??re out at dinner, you can leave a review about the food. The possibilities are limitless.

Voice comments can also be tweeted or shared on Facebook. Itâ??s really fun to use voice comments because you can hear the tone, inflections and emotion in peopleâ??s voices.

A number of celebrities and museums have already started using this app to connect with their fans and visitors better. Motor Mouth is like Twitter for geolocated voice comments, and itâ??s getting really popular.

Mission Accomplished

There arenâ??t any other apps on the App Store (that weâ??ve seen) that offer the same features as MotorMouth. This is a really useful and fun app, and the great thing about it is that itâ??s free.

Room to improve

While using MotorMouth I did not come upon any glitches or shortcomings. There arenâ??t even any advertisements inside the app!


This app is free and an absolute must have. Since it costs $0 youâ??re not losing anything, other than a couple of minutes, to give it a try.

If you get your friends to start using it as well it will be even more fun. You can listen to the comments they left in their houses, schools, work, and other places.

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